Questions to Add to Grant Proposals

There are some questions I think would be great to add to the DAO Grant Proposals Form. If you have any criticism of the following questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, if you have any questions, you think should also be added, please leave your questions in the comments.

  1. Is this a 1-time Grant for this project? If so, please describe how you plan to create sustainability.
  2. Will you provide where the funds were sent upon withdrawal in each update?
  3. Will you share a finalized balance sheet of where all the funds went?
  4. How does this proposal bring value to Decentraland?
  5. Please share each of the personnel’s experience on the project and how as a whole have the ability to accomplish the entirety of the grant.

Hi Tudamoon - first, is there an existing DAO Grant Proposal form? If so, can you share so I may review? I have never submitted a grant proposal so am curious considering there doesn’t seem to be a standard format or set of requirements from what I’ve seen.

Re: your questions:

  • In general, would these be required for submission, or opportunity to gather additional insight?
  • Your first question has me curious about distribution of funds ~ how many projects have sought additional funding thus far? what was their reason?
  • Are you wanting to audit the grant $ recipients wallet? What is the current expectation (trust and hope for the best? lol)?
  • “Value” is subjective, but I do agree that the recipient should have some sort of quantifiable measure depending what the project is. (i.e. “I will bring tons of users to Decentraland by doing X” vs. “I will be targeting audiences in the following regions over a period of 60 days by doing X, and will share analytical data re: x, y, and Z upon completion”.

As an observer/reader/voter on grants ~ the quality of proposals are all across the board. I feel like there may even be some people that have incredible ideas or skills but are not equipped to write a grant because of language barrier or general know-how…but that doesn’t meant they aren’t entitled to try. More guidance will be helpful in the long run for everyone involved so that we can make informed decisions.

Thanks for your response. You can publicly see all the grant proposals here:

However, this is what the current form is currently:

If you haven’t been aware lately there has been a lot of collusion and DAO members not thinking about the community as a whole, draining the DAO with poor use of funds without accountability and transparency.

Some of this is public: Transparency
I dont have a way to collect that data, but this has been a topic that comes up quite often.

Actually, yes, this has been the current expectation. Trust and hope for the best. The grantees are not required to publicly update where the funds actually went as of now.

I agree Value is subjective. I think having this question makes them understand what the goal of this grant system is for. Subjectively they can say whatever they want to say here, but I do think it is a good talking point and let the community decide if the value they are proposing is worth granting money to.

I agree but if someone who wants the grant and are not willing to ask for help for a simple form that has clear cut questions, how can the community be confident in giving them a grant? As for the language barrier- I do believe this is a problem, and unfortunately I am not sure how to tackle that issue yet. Any suggestions?

There should be a minimum amount of time, being in game building the trust and the creative content before asking for grants. Lets put some sort of time frame. Community needs to be more selective and choose quality over all.

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