[DAO:a7aa91b] Implementation of a Fee for DAO Proposal Submissions

by 0x2684a202a374d87bb321a744482b89bf6deaf8bd (FriskyBumbleBee)

The aim of this poll is to gauge with the community in a healthy dialogue the benefits of introducing a fee to submit a proposal within the DAO. Contingent on community feedback, I will initiate the next steps for the proposal.


  • Generate a small revenue stream that would contribute to the DAO treasury.
  • Screen out proposals that appear to or lack any sufficient effort. Thus, enhancing the quality of proposals submitted through the DAO.
  • Serve as a benchmark to the community, which shows the individuals commitment and establishing a basic level of trust within the community.

Proposed Solution:

The following are proposed solutions, but open to any feedback from the community:

Grant Requests:

  • Tier 1: 5 MANA
  • Tier 2: 10 MANA
  • Tier 3: 20 MANA
  • Tier 4: 30 - 50 MANA
  • Tier 5: 60 - 100 MANA
  • Tier 6: 150 - 200 MANA

Point of Interest:

  • 10 - 50 MANA

Name Ban:

  • 10 - 50 MANA

Linked Wearables Registry:

  • 10 – 50 MANA

Pitch Proposal:

  • 10 – 50 MANA

Governance Proposal:

  • 10 – 50 MANA

Counter Arguments:

Financial Barrier to Entry:

  • Although I acknowledge this concern, I also believe this may serve as a catalyst for collaboration with DCL community members. It may encourage the prospective grantee to engage with DCL natives, and potentially form new partnerships.

Please share your thoughts on the proposal and would love to hear input from the community. If you agree with this proposal, please provide any suggestion for the fee amount.

  • Yes, implement submissions fees
  • No, do not implement any submission fees
  • Invalid question/options

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I’m thinking of voting yes. You have to spend money to make money right :grinning:

What part of submitting a Governance Proposal “makes money”?

So much for decentralization…

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Because DAO is a CHARITY


Ser, are you aware that the majority of Governance Proposal types aren’t Grants?

An alternative, if this proposal is approved, could be to refund the fee to those whose proposals are approved. This way, it benefits those who submit good proposals


Interesting proposal. I voted “yes” to continue discussions on this topic. It will definitely enhance governance level and serve as a good anti-spam measure.

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Sounds like a good way to disenfranchise anyone who isn’t aligned with the one whale who passes or fails every Prop

Voting no for now, main concern is adding a financial barrier which you have mentioned above and it being for all DAO proposals.

Maybe it could be something we implement solely to grants and Linked Wearables Registry.

I find it more or less similar to the VP requirement that already exists - [DAO:cd3ce0b] Should Grant Request Proposals require at least 100 VP to submit?

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We already discourage participation in the DAO by making it expensive to vote. Why further discourage participation by making it expensive to propose changes?

Voting no.

That’s so web2, some people here are big joke :slight_smile:

I have to say it’s a really interesting approach, but since we’re still struggling with the lack of clear incentives for participating, and the fact that this literally increases the costs of participating, can’t see how could this help the community.

Also, can’t stop thinking on myself when I’ve joined the DAO, and that I probably won’t be here if I had to pay back then.

Finally, as I see it, this will be potentially costless for big players, and might become a barrier for small holders.

Again, interesting approach, I’m really curious on which could be the outcome of this discussions :slight_smile:


There have been a lot of frivolous, duplicate and even malicious proposals made lately. Each proposal has a cost for voters in terms of time spent reading and discussing it.

It seems like a good idea to impose a small token fee of some kind to discourage the posting of frivolous proposals that waste everyone’s time. Something like a 10 Mana fee should not break the bank for anyone who has a serious proposal to offer, and it would ensure that the author is at least a tiny bit invested in the ecosystem with Mana. This proposal seems like it’s worth a try.


One way to tackle this would be to limit all VP to 100 for all, whether if you own land, names, L1’s or 1M mana.

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I support the idea, may need some refinements but the overall gist is there. As @RDixon mentioned, lately we’ve been seeing a spam of POI and pointless posts, and lets not forget the barrage of Ban the NAME polls that happened not too long ago.

If we are expecting more participants to join the DAO, then we should be ready for these to happen at a larger scale, and should have a deterrent in place to reduce the possibility of abuse.


Thank you everyone for providing feedback and bringing up your concerns as well. I really like alot of the suggestions that were made, and I agree having the fees at a low cost would be of great benefit, and the reimbursement or deposit return for good proposals is a really good suggestion as well.

I know the proposal is not perfect, but if it does move to the next stage, I’ll make sure to dedicate time and incorporate the suggestions, and tailor it.

Alternatively, if it doesn’t pass- I encourage anyone to potentially run with this idea and fine tune it to make it better. Appreciates everyone’s time, and hope you all have a great weekend, cheers :beers:

There are all ready barriers in the proposal process, this one at least brings money into the DAO and should discourage bad proposals. I could not have proceeded with my governance proposal had it not been for @Peanutbutta delegating me enough VP to make the 1000 VP limit required. That is exactly what this proposal is mentioninng, collaboration and community members helping each other. If the person believes in what is being proposed someone will help you out.
We had something like this in another DAO i was on the board of with a slight difference. How about if the proposal passes the funds are returned to the author and if it does not, then the DAO retains the funds?

Charging only failed proposals only further disenfranchises those not gargling @RobL’s balls