Proposal Submission Fee

Should there be a fee to submit proposals? Decentraland is the first DAO that I have encountered that does not impose a fee to submit a proposal. With all the current non sensical and waste of people’s time proposals being submitted there definitely needs to be a fee structure of some sort. As a proposal should start as a discussion, I am starting with the question and also including some kind of fee structure that can be discussed in a professional and constructive manner.

Should there be a fee to submit a proposal

  • Yes
  • No
  • IDK

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Should the fees be structured differently per tier

  • Yes
  • No
  • IDK

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  • 10 MANA
  • 25 MANA
  • 50 MANA

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  • 100 MANA
  • 250 MANA
  • 500 MANA

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  • 750 MANA
  • 925 MANA
  • 1000 MANA

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  • 1100 MANA
  • 1250 MANA
  • 1500 MANA

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This would apply for Governance proposals not things like questions. People can ask all the questions they want but lets not waste time, resources and be so negative. If you want to change something you have the means to do so, so go out and do it, don’t just talk about it.

I thank each and everyone of you for your time and for answering this poll. I hope it is something that will have a positive effect and am open to constructive criticism always.



I appreciate your intent @Existential14 with this since yes a lot of people submit a ton of things that even they know are a waste of time and even troll proposals. The reality is that charing fees to submit proposals is like charging for speech and I think everyone should have equal oppurtinity. Charging for proposals would only give people like me that already has a successful established company that can risk proposal fees the ability to do and afford them while someone that was born in differnt planet of the earth where money is a lot harder to come by no chance at all. They could provide value but this gate keeps them from doing so. I mean selfishly i could push this to pass but i prefer to compete in a fair market where everyone has a shot since I see in only those circumstances we can help each other grow together. Thanks for all you do tho you massive part of this community!


I appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions on this. I completely understand your sentiment on pricing people out and the fees could be lower, they are just a first draft. I am also writing this as a person who would be priced out myself. I still think there should be some fees, the wearables fee is what hurts most and probably affects more people, IMO. I could say more on the gatekeeping and land prices but I am not out to change your mind. Again, I thank you for your feedback and keep those Waifumons coming. LOL.


Hi Alan, First of all, Thank you for taking the time out to do this. I think you’re on to something. A fee might be a little too much :joy: but you’re on to something.

The big question is, how do we have people stop submitting “clout proposals” that waste others peoples time reading, on the other hand, some proposals get the attention it needs. You raised a good question! It’s something to think about! I feel a fee will also demotivate some people as well as silly as it sounds. Not everyone is from developed countries and not everyone’s economic situation is the same. Maybe we have some ranking system and if you qualify then you can have your proposal submitted.

It’s just some food for thought, but we have to be very careful because we are going into a deep recession and we don’t want to hinder any innovation, these next couple of months is very delicate , we have to be very careful! We are about to head into a big storm!( Global recession)

Ps: Thanks again for bringing this to light, we just need to be careful on how we approach this.

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I think there are other ways to discourage proposals that are a waste of time. Charging a monetary fee is a common remedy to separate the wheat from the chaff. How might we make it more expensive in another area besides money?

There are transactional costs:

  • TIME: perhaps a person is only allowed to put forth one proposal per month
  • VP: charge a certain amount of VP to put forth a proposal
  • EFFORT: community service requirement of time before a proposal

Just a few ideas off the top of my head. Being on the outside looking in, those that don’t have the MANA to put forth a proposal will drop out of the governance discussions. People are already discoraged with the VP imbalance. A pay to propose system would further exacerbate this reality.


So there is the option also to charge the fee and once it reaches the approval status the fee is returned, If not approved, then the fee is lost and a new proposal is written or doesn’t pass.
I keep hearing about the those with little money or from poorer countries, but I direct you to the wearables fee of $150. Should this then be removed? It is a barrier to many, myself included. Is the Curation not the same as the GRANT PATROL? So money from the fees pay those two entities.

Another suggestion was made to us VP to charge or a minimum amount of VP for proposal submission. These become a barrier as well.

Another possibility is staking MANA to earn a coin that is used to make those submissions.

No matter there just needs to be an enforcement of going through a process. A discussion on a topic to make the best proposal submission should be required before it goes to a vote!

Should I maybe have stated this as a Grant fee do you think? If that doesn’t matter than I am confused as there is a fee for wearable submittal that is almost the exact same thing since we pay a salary to a Grants Police. Currently this is the same as the Curations excluding the server fee charge of course. Wearable fee pays the Curators, Proposal or Grant submission fee pays the Grants Police or they both submit proposals as I see it. I need some clarification. Awedjob has been trying and I appreciate that greatly but still unclear to me and still no one has said why this is the only DAO that does not charge a fee or shown me another one that does not. Thank you Aaron or anyone that has feedback.

I actually like this idea alot @Existential14 by imposing a fee as well, and it can be tiered approach or just a universal fee of 100 or 200 MANA- you’ll have quality proposals submitted through the DAO. This will also allow the end user to double check their work to make sure they maximize their character counts through creative ways such as leveraging google excel docs or external presentations. Job well done on this!

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Thank you Frisky. I truly appreciate your feedback.

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Second this! I think a fee of 100- 200 mana is reasonable and I would of been happy to pay that on my latest proposal. It also shows that the person submitting is serious about it and that they won’t be submitting something every other week.

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No thanks. Comparing wearable submissions to proposal sumbissions is apples and oranges.
Wearables have to abide by many rules in order to be usable in game and to maintain the aesthetics of DCL, wearables make a profit, the amount of trashy wearables submitted if there was no fee would far surpass the amount of dookie proposals. No one has to curate a proposal for it to be posted, if we dont find it interesting then we can just vote it out and move on. A crappy wearable has to be vetted over and over again before it is even approved to be seen in any area of DCL. Grant committees pay for themselves 10 times over by saving the DAO money that would otherwise have been wasted on grantees that don’t deliver on their promises. Please keep submissions free of charge. Yes there are crappy proposals but not enough of a painpoint for us to start charging. Thank you for pushing ideas to the front line. I look forward to more suggestions.

So you are OK with a proposal being submitted then withdrawn to be rewritten and posted again? I’ve seen this happen many times and I spent time on them reading them and posting on them only to have that all wiped away and have to do so again. This is just another example of time wasting proposals. There needs to be something done to discourage these actions and to encourage a genuine conversation about a proposal before submitting one.

I do agree on this. like the blockchain people should not be allowed to delete comments and proposals or anything the posted. i have dozens of failed proposals over the years and keep them up with pride, so that people in the future don’t waste time recreating them again, and wasting everyones time. good point Existential. Debate me on this but i think not allowing people to delete proposals will prevent this instead of charging. Since I do love your intent and reasons for this however, I have seen from the other side any company that charges people to “apply” for work or potential work is legit a scam lol.

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