[DAO: QmPTK1D] Research on Governance Platform’s Community Proposals

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Should the following Tier 1: up to $1,500 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


The goal of this proposal is to perform a systematic analysis on all community proposals made to the DAO between May 2021 and Nov 2021 to discover trends and understand if there could be improvements to the DAO proposal mechanism designed to increase valuable proposals acceptance rate. A higher proposal quality will foster community engagement and result in a better community experience.

Grant size

1,000 USD

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Between May 2021 and Nov 2021 there have been 353 community proposals made to the DAO. The hypothesis behind this research is that there were valuable ideas behind the rejected proposals that were not expressed cohesively in order for its value to be easily comprehensible. This research project will systematically review all community proposals made between those dates and analyze dimensions such as length, title description, use of acronyms, clear output, set dates, etc. to uncover trends. The output will be a list of changes and recommendations on the community proposal process to address the discoveries made, if any.


This research project will be carried out in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Data Collection. Determine qualitative and quantitative analysis dimensions. Review all 353 proposals and systematically evaluate them against analysis criteria.
  • Phase 2: Data Analysis. Perform quantitative and qualitative research in order to discover trends and potential casualties on the proposal outcomes.
  • Phase 3: Recommendations. Produce suggestions on potential improvements for the DAO community proposal based on the research findings.


Franco Amorosi. Economist, MSc in Public Policy. LinkedIn profile: Franco Amorosi | LinkedIn.

I’m eager to get involved with Decentraland’s community. What interests me is to understand how DAO’s governance works and to design mechanisms that improve community engagement.

I will donate the grant from this research project to Amnesty International, an NGO that protects people’s human rights like free speech, and campaigns to end abuses such as discriminatory laws.

Roadmap and milestones

Phase 1: Data Collection. 1 month.
Phase 2: Data Analysis. 2 weeks.
Phase 3: Recommendations. 2 weeks.

This project will be completed and the final report shared by the end of January 2022.

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I don’t see nothing fundamentally wrong with the proposal. The Data Collection phase seems too long (if is just scrapping the content of all proposals).

Voting yes