[DAO:0b2bd1c] Require a minimum of 10000VP committment to create any DAO proposal

by 0x598f8af1565003ae7456dac280a18ee826df7a2c (pablo)

It’s simple: To require a minimum of 10 000 VP in the wallet to create any DAO proposal

This is common in other DAOs and with far bigger quantities. It saves the DAO from proposals from people that are not committed with the platform. People without that VP with a good idea can still reach a ton of holders to share his idea and be co-author on it.

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  • NO
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So that you and other people who have received thousands in grants could continue to drain the DAO and gatekeep any new creators? Planning on submitting a second proposal for some 2D Sammich game in the next quarter in platform category so that we don’t waste DAO funds on DCL mobile client? :rofl:

it’s 10K not 100K nor 500K

Please, talk less create more.
It’s not intelligent to judge before seeing and understanding the result.

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Also, why don’t you keep focused on the proposal discussion and avoid bringing unrelated stuff ? It’s so unproductive for everyone.

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I like this initiative; I think it will reduce spam proposals and raise the level of governance, as well as stimulate discussions among Community members. I’m voting ‘yes’ to move this initiative forward. If this proposal passes, we can form a working group for broader inputs.

For example, Decentral Games has certain requirements for proposal submission—you must hold a minimum of 100,000 $xDG.


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Can you give us links/references to the other DAO’s you refer to here? Not all DAO’s are created equal, and I would want to look at this with a macro approach. While you may be correct, you include no quantitative data to support your claim.

To me this would bar many users who are actively working hard to contribute to Decentraland from accessing DAO funds, and so I’ll be voting no at this time.

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You only have to spend a little time looking into snapshot and check most known serious DAOs.
For each DAO, Click “join”, then “create proposal”.

Uniswap → 10K UNIs
DecentralanGames → 100K DG
Aave → 1.6K AAVE
etc., etc. ( you can spend some time to check the amounts in $ )

I see where you are coming from. However: why exactly do we need this at this point in time? Not exactly sure which problem that would solve? It’s not like there are way too many proposals created for the DAO to handle and we need to reduce that or anything imho…

So for me atm: increasing hurdles without solving an issue → no.

Unless I’m missing something? :thinking:

Hello, I understand your reasoning however I don’t see a need to raise the bar at this time. I would rather sort through useless props vs inhibiting valid requests from members who are active but don’t have that VP. Having to ask others to delegate VP might create a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” scenario. I am voting NO at this time.

Nice, that it isn’t a lot for you, but for others, it can be a lot.

Not even winning Game Jam, emote contest or wearable contest would give someone 10K VP.
I don’t think many would agree to co-author proposal unless they are also working on a project (specifically for grants). About delegation - I don’t think there are many active communtiy members who have 10K VP on their own and can be delegated (but when the Snapshot starts working I will check it).

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Ironically, most of spam proposals came from users with large amounts of VP and regular participation in the DAO, so I can’t visualize this as a solution.


I believe there is a bigger problem with people with VP creating draining props then people with no VP creating props. Is there an example of someone with no VP passing a prop that has greatly effected the DAO? seems like this is a solution to a problem that doesnt exist. voting no for now


Make it 500K so Esteban’s delegated VP gets more utility :rofl:

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I agree with @Fehz. The largest, most obvious threat to our DAO is from people with huge amounts of VP. Targeting those at the bottom does nothing.

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I agree on 10k, but I have a recommandation lets give the community more options like 10k - 5k -1k
That way we can increase the required VP based on what the community wants :smiley:

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That’s good idea, thanks

You are right, it can be that way in next draft.

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It would be harder to create proposals from secondary accounts. 100VP is almost nothing, by other hand, grants require 0 VP.

you are right especially now mana is low it is indeed really easy for everyone.

What about scalating the amount of VP on governance proposals?

For example:

  • poll 1 000 VP
  • draft 5 000 VP
  • governance 100 000 VP
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