[DAO:5f554d0] Retroactive Grant: Tudamoon

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)

Should the following $6,969 grant in the Core Unit category be approved?


Since we aren’t a real community and it’s strictly business here. I expect to be paid for creating awareness of the issues with the DAO. We can’t work FOH FREE.

Grant size

6,969 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Because I am entitled to it and completely deserve it.

Roadmap and milestones

It’s retroactive. Already completed. I did a lot of things. Who cares about the impact I made? I did the work right?

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While you get a point becasue it seems you care for the good future of the platform. What I’m worried about is that you can make statements without verifying the thustness, doing public defamation with lies about specific persons, even if your final intention is to care about the platform I don’t think “shoot first ask later” and personal attacks to be a good attitude for our DAO.

I would support this if it would have more alignment with our Code of Ethics and Equiquette guideline

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He’s trolling @Morph

Oh I understand now, there are other proposals asking retroactively for funds, thanks for clarification.

Anyway, any attempt to contribute to the DAO is valid.

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Haha very funny.

On a more serious note, is there something wrong with retroactive proposals? It was my intention that a retroactive proposal lets users view the actual impact I had as opposed to assuming numbers ahead of time, direct numbers and stats have been provided. Not to mention, the rates I use are well below minimum wage, so I feel that I am still doing a majority of the work ‘for free’.

Curious on where you draw the line, should we just pay no one anything ever? Or do you prefer larger 6-figure grants for weekend events?

Is it not a good thing to have lower 4-figure grants for users who have performed years of work for free? Am I asking too much based on the numbers provided?

I’m hoping this retroactive proposal sets a standard for the amount of work to value ratio while bringing more value to Decentraland than the grant is asking for, and if I’m off base there I’m happy to discuss it.

I will be a quick yes vote if you can link to those things you made, events held etc. More grants should be retroactive. MONETIZATION SYSTEM.

How has this got more yes votes than my proposal?


I have the upmost faith in your ability to deliver, Voting yes. Good luck

Retroactive Grant: Tudamoon

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 38,973 VP (23 votes)
  • No 61% 3,892,733 VP (20 votes)
  • Abstain 38% 2,474,553 VP (20 votes)