[DAO:e093851] Make Decentraland Great Again - MDGA

by 0xd42ce5ab59007b2b8de420d1c9712c32ae93bc0f (Tuda)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


This grant alone, will do more than all grants will do for Decentraland. Listen, I know MANY people like CK Bubbles, Chris Metatrekkers, Unknower, Matimio and more. I am very POPULAR! Besides being an OUTSTANDING citizen of Decentraland, I have dedicated my last several months for Decentraland and much more. It’s been a HUGE win so far for Decentraland. I did all this work without showing any metrics for it. Not necessary. It’s still a bear market, soon enough, my results will have proven a success. I am telling you, just wait until the bull market comes. You will see all the results I have personally done for Decentraland!

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



“We believe that this grant will pay off in the form of increased awareness and adoption of Decentraland.” Sorry I quoted this from someone else’s grant.

I will re-write my own statement to clarify:
I believe that this grant will pay off in the form of increased awareness and adoption of Decentraland.

The reason is I know this is already successful is because I will screenshot all who voted “No” on this and personally ask why. Because if you give any of the following excuses, then I expect the same scrutiny for others:

-“It is a ‘bogus’ grant proposal.” I would have to disagree. This is bringing to light to a problem.

-“You haven’t proven yourself to the community.” Does name dropping count?

-“You haven’t proven your credibility or the ability to handle this type of money.” Well I am credible. I have my own business and have handled a lot of money before. But most of the time this question of credibility hasnt been asked to to those who are receiving the grants.

-“You haven’t put any work into this.” Actually I have. It may have only taken me 10 minutes to write this proposal, but it took many hours of thoughts. You have paid others for their time, have you not?

-“You are providing no value.” I most certainly am. This is a wakeup call that this DAO needs to get its crap together and start focusing on providing value. We need to bring people in and stop allowing this high school cliques to take over. The main question needs to be: “what value is being provided for the community overall?”

If any of these are your excuses when I confront you about voting “No” on this proposal, then it is clear, you are being hypocritical and bias. This proposal alone provides more value for DCL as a whole than anything else. Vote “yes” if you agree.


I have no promises as this grant proposal on its own merit will do more to help Decentraland, than most of the recent grants.


Myself, Tudamoon. Did I also mention how much I love this wonderful Community. BTW did you hear me call you wonderful. :wink: You know you love me inside! :stuck_out_tongue:

Roadmap and milestones

Submitting this proposal and getting the grant is the roadmap. It proves the point.

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Only 60,000 USD? Voting no for the lack of ambition.


Couldn’t agree more!! :wink:

I also want to mention that I am doing this for the very miniscule amount when in reality this proposal is going to influence and save the DAO much more the $60k. So this is my personal service to the community. The goal of this is to influence future policy change. If you vote “Yes” you are showing exactly why we need to act on this issue right away.

Voting YES because i like 2ThaMoon

Ofc i vote yes! this is brilliant! loooooool…

CryptSannin, MetaGamiMall, Alexcore, Mattimus, Dodo#7a7d, Doggo, Tengu… I see you voted “No.” Can you share with me some criticism to make this proposal better?

@Skazi @ArtReYou Do you know why any of these people voted no?

Thanks @Tudamoon for bringing this topic to the table. I share the spirit of your proposal. Have you considered becoming a DAO Delegate?

Voting NO for the lack of specification. But I would love to see wearables of “Make Decentraland Great Again” and billboards in DCL with the ad.

I also suggest re-framing this into a Governance Proposal, with the goal to re-structure the Grant’s Program. Some good ideas are:

  • Review VP policy for Grants: Increase thresholds and/or Max VP per wallet.
  • Review Grant Categories: Add and remove categories, check conditions of them.
  • Add Budgeting to Categories: Max amount of $$ given to grant’s in that category.
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Thank you for the constructive criticism! What’s your thoughts on changing grants to loans? Also I haven’t considered becoming a DAO Delegate. I am going to look into that. :slight_smile:

Thank you for starting this poll! I appreciate it!

Yeah, I just created a Governance Proposal to follow up on this. Please vote here.

I believe there are some kind of projects that need to be funded just for the value they provide to the DAO and Decentraland ecosystem. Some of them could be considered Core Units, critical for the operation of the DAO. Others could have an strategic value, like increasing the visibility in industry events or developing open source code that can be leveraged by the community.

For startups requesting money to fund “an integration”, I would prefer to see them as a seed investment and take a percentage of their equity in exchange of the funding.

I like the idea of funding projects that have a strategy to payback to the DAO, but I wouldn’t focus on making the DAO profitable right now. Just let’s stop the money-grabers and use the funds to build the right things.

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I read 3 times of your proposal in case I missed something, but i really lost your point except for “making dcl great again”, so practically, what’s your plan, what do you want to do? I believe this is part of why lots of people are voting no… However, I like this passion, and I do reckon you have a gift for getting attention, and i think a lot of people will remember this proposal in the future, and I do also think if you have a sensible plan with evidence, you will get something finally.

This grant proposal is the entirety of my plan. This proposal has already done its job. I wanted the $60k for making this proposal because this proposal will turn enough heads where it will save more than $60k in the future for the DAO. Nothing more than that. This is going to start the conversation and move things forward if it is passed.

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Hey I love your desire to make DCL better! :sunglasses:

This proposal does nothing to that end. All these conversations about the Grants Framework and Voting Power and the such have been ongoing long before this.

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Where’s your proposal?

“I am very POPULAR!” Stopped reading and voted no at this point.

LOL Tuda this proposal is funny, ridiculous and so true to a stupid point. I had to read this multiple times to try to understand WTF you were trying to say but I genuinely get the point. You will win so many POPULARITY votes and will for sure win future DAO votes when you can just humble yourself a little my friend. For me at this time I will vote no but I am looking forward to what you have to say next.

Voting no because not enough Lambos

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