[DAO:70abbfa] Freeze All non-Platform Grant Spending

by 0x153b2252eddcb3690ae6f5e9f38be13779e1364d (REDACTED)

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Freeze All non-Platform Grant Spending


Stop spending mana on anything other than improving the technical capabilities of the platform.


General consensus in the community appears to be that while we all believe in the future of the platform, it is not Ready Player One.

This proposal aims to freeze grant spending on anything other than platform grants to improve the technical abilities of DCL for the entirety of 2024 or until a proposal to reverse that is enacted.

By “platform grants to improve technical abilities of DCL,” this means no Platform grants to make art, builds, or anything that isn’t primarily technical in nature.


There is a great deal of concern in the dao around sustainability and effective use of resources. On top of that, we all agree that DCL needs to improve by an order of magnitude before it is going to be truly ready for mass adoption.

Removing the other categories will remove a great deal of the noise and stress within the DAO and allow the focus to return to building the platform.


Stop funding grants outside of the Platform category for all of 2024

Do not allow Platform grants that are primarily focused on creating art.

Do not allow the Platform grant to be used to fund private business enterprises.

Allow funding to remain for Facillitaion Squad as they are responsible for promoting the DAO as well as moderation in working on improving communication with the Foundation which will continue to need improving if Decentraland is ever going to live up to it’s potential.


Best case scenario DAO saves lots of money and emotional stress on the community

In the worst case scenario, the dao saves lots of money on needless things and wastes some on some bad platform grants.

Implementation Pathways

When this Prop passes, all existing grants can run their course, and no new ones can be submitted other than Platform improving ones or any future Facilitation Squad grants.


It is in the best interest of the long-term health of Decentraland to focus on building a strong foundation. By focusing all of the Grant program energy on platform improvements we will be able to remove a lot of the noise, distraction, and bickering that currently plague the DAO.

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I am voting to Abstain for now. My opinion has always been the same, freeze all spending except for platform and also for proven content creators who keep the engine going. There are folks who may have started with a grant but have continued on their own like @SinfulMeatStick or @Billyteacoin. I know there are others like @bufalo who never received a grant but these are the people who keep traffic moving in Decentraland which has been under construction since the day I joined in 11/21. Without the weekly community meet-ups, tweets and event sharing from these people I would never even know what is happening. The foundation needs to step up but until then fund the platform and those people who keep it alive with their regular content.


Will this be applied across the board or special exceptions will be made for special people? I completely disagree with the starting premise I was able to make weed farm robbery and laser tag everywhere with no MAJOR problems. Can you be more specific? Is this about some linked wearables or some specific thing? If it’s about linked wearables I’m about to lose my mind. If it’s something specific please make a poll for that features you’re thinking of.

When I watch the review videos they’re not complaining specifically about the technical capabilities but the in-world content. Deleting games has clearly damaged the numbers - moving the wrong way. In world content needs to be created more efficiently and professionally using agile software development process. The project sizes should not be 20,000, instead the talented people in DCL should have the opportunity to do small chunks of large projects. You can’t compete with million dollar games with a 20k game. Basically DCL needs to grow up the term is literally called “process maturity”.

  • Code checked into repository every time
  • Road map and milestones
  • Task boards → do the work, work gets tested developer / artist gets paid upon successful test - no favoritism, no BS
  • Documented process
  • Complete documented test results to get paid
  • Actual weekly meetings for sprints
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Are you having a stoke?

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I have a stroke every day - STROKE OF GENIUS, BOOOM MIC DROP

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I was 10000% supportive of this proposal when was draft before because we were in a bear market, and we had been saving up MANA. However, we are currently in the early stages of a bull market, and we can be a bit more open and go all out. In a bull market, we should be willing to spend money and repay it in 10,000 different ways. I believe we will see MANA reach new all-time highs. This will require everyone’s collective efforts to promote. it’s not good idea to freeze grant now.

Team work makes Dream work
Thank you.


Thanks for mentioning me DeadHeadJ! I rarely speaks here, but i’ll say something: It’s difficult for artists/content creator to create a sustainable ecosystem because of the platform we’re in and all its problems. And i think a few of us has demonstrated this quite well, by our tenacity, dedication, passion and work since 2021. If the platform in its state cannot support the only content creators that left, that actually do something for it, sometimes way more than core members, we’re going straight to the wall. What happened in October for my grant has resulted to pause my activity and I’ll have no choice to rarify even more my activity in Decentraland in a nearby future. Won’t speak here again, good luck y’all



You believe that MANA is going to reach new all time highs in 2024?

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Team Work makes it Happen , Why not and you ?

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just gonna comment on this to resurface it since a couple people replied to the draft and they have similar names

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I vote NO, and in this case, I feel morally obliged to explain my reasons.


Until now, each member of the community is free to decide whether to approve a grant in a certain category or not. By implementing this, voters will be restricted from exercising their voting power in these areas FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

This is fundamentally at odds with the principles of Decentraland.


1 - Because this is not Ready Player One, there’s even more reason to vote “No” to this proposal. If we don’t fund other categories like In-World Content, Decentraland will virtually be left without activities, leaving no reason to access the game.

2 - The fact that scenes or clubs don’t make improvements or hire artists will result in the current users who accessed Decentraland for these experiences to stop doing so, reducing the user flow as months pass.

3 - Now might be the worst time for this, as we can surmise there’s a possibility of an upcoming bull market that could be an opportunity for Decentraland’s resurgence, and this proposal would leave the community unable to drive an increase in new users to the platform.

4 - Talent exodus: Cutting grants to all other categories could lead to a massive exodus of users throughout this year.

5 - Discontent and bad vibes within the DAO, causing a possible breakup of the community.

Please consider that cutting off funding now will put us at a clear disadvantage compared to other virtual worlds, possibly leading us to be forgotten forever.


MANA lost 20% since we did the budget for this quarter, and we are wasting money at an alarming rate. We still are not in a bear market, and bear market would not even be a reason to keep wasting funds


@HPrivakos, I’m just trying to lay out what could possibly happen if we cut funding now.

This can be done when a company is already sustainable, but while it is not you must feed it or it dies.

I have set up many businesses in my life and from my own experience I know that ALWAYS when you stop the investment prematurely the business collapses.

I normally don’t get heavily involved in DAO issues because they are minor issues, but this can be a tipping point towards disaster.

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The DAO is not acting as a business right now, it’s acting as a public government with unlimited funds, except we don’t have unlimited funds, we have very limited funds which are running out in less than 6 years from now.


I am normally against pausing the grant system, but this time, I am voting yes in support of a pause.

I do not see any other way to fix the issues with this platform.

  1. Corruption of VP

  2. Platform Technical Issues

Until those issues are fixed, the grant system is wasting itself away, along with this platform as a whole.


Everything is within our budget, and there is currently no overspending.

You’re absolutely right; our time is limited, with only 6 years of funding available. Opportunities come only once or twice. In the past, we seized some opportunities. The first was in 2017 when DCL raised funds through an ICO, the second was in 20-21 when Facebook changed its name to Meta, and the third is now in 24-25. I believe that we should now unite and actively promote DCL, welcome the third bull market, embrace the all-time high of MANA, and usher in a breakthrough for DCL. It’s about expansion, not limitations! Thank you.

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A bad budget doesn’t mean the spending is sustainable.

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I think Creation of content (mostly advanced interactive stuff, games, etc.) should go in parallel with platform developm,ent, improving the way it’s spent over time.

There is already another proposal where most of the budget goes to platform.

Other problem more important than everything else, is that the DAO is ilegal alegal. What would be better really is first to make it legal or to make a parallel legal DAO, then use funds, but I doubt this will happen soon.

I would like DCL to be like before 2022 Summer, even without some optimizations, the SDK was stable enough, with appropriate use of SDK it was possible to have good experiences without more platform development. Since then, we have too many regression issues, therefore hard to maintain any game or advanced development.

I’m against this proposal for now, I would maybe vote YES with a clear plan to have a legal DAO or a parallel legal DAO in progress.


Pablo there is another grant in which also want to buy eth using DAO money. Seems almost purposely attacking mana & dcl. It’s very important for the DAO mana to be invested in a way that brings equal or greater value to the ecosystem. I agree good In-world content is just as important as the platform. Also when the mana is just traded for eth without doing work to benefit the platform it’s a total waste. That will be toxic for mana and sustainability it’s like the DAO smart contract used to benefit Ethereum instead of Decentraland. I don’t think we’re out of good ideas that we need to cut grants and trade for eth.

I VOTE YES because I think that decentraland has attracted very few new people to its platform over the last year, and the main reason in my opinion is the lack of good technical capabilities on the platform, engine optimization, system acceleration are the most important criteria for creating a platform for millions users . We have a good example of a huge grant being allocated DecentralGame is a great example of stealing money from the community. Therefore, I vote for 100% of the treasury money to go to optimization, acceleration and improvement of the system.