DAO Etiquette Guidelines

Proposal: Establishing Etiquette Guidelines for DAO discussions

Motivation: The motivation is to improve the quality of conversations on the forum.

Background: This guidelines are based on some Wikipedia guidelines, and in the Wheaton’s Law.

Use cases: Members of the DAO can use this guideline when interacting with each other.

User stories: This guideline should allow DAO members to interact in a more positive way.

Etiquette Guidelines

  • Always assume good faith
  • Be respectful of other peoples votes
  • Be respectful of other peoples values
  • Be respectful of other peoples time
  • The DAO is not a court room

Always assume good faith
Inspired by Wikipedia guidelines, always asume first that the other person have good intentions. Communication is difficult, and we all come from different backgrounds.

Be respectful of other peoples votes
The vote of each member is personal. If you disagree with other persons vote keep it to yourself. Talk about why you voted the way you voted, and not about how others should vote.

Be respectful of other peoples values
Everyone applies their own set of rules to know how to vote on the DAO, and what to prioritize. Don’t try to force your rules on others.

Be respectful of other peoples time
Your proposals and feedback are valuable, keep they meaningful and concise. Others will use their precious time to read them.

The DAO is not a court room
The DAO is a place to discuss the future of Decentraland, not to resolve disputes. There are other platforms specialized on that (like Kleros).


  • This are not rules
  • No one can be banned for not following them
  • Its just a guideline on how to be a good DAO citizen
  • Feel free to comment, share, modify, etc.

As a bonus, here is the guideline in meme format :laughing:


Thank you @Eibriel for this idea. I do think people have been conducting themselves according to these guidelines. I think if anything, some people have been misinterpreted how others are conducting themselves. People are taking things as personal attacks when in fact these guidelines are being followed.

I agree with this however, good faith cannot be assumed where the proposer’s history has poor reputation, poor credibility, previous poor products, or has prior disrespect to community members.

Questioning another’s vote on why they voted that way is not an attack. If you vote for something, you should absolutely have no problem sharing why you voted for something.

A HUGE thing you are missing here, is decision-making power is very difficult and you do realize we are taking away the same scrutiny that these centralized authorities have everyday by forming this DAO. Being a decision maker is not supposed to be easy. Is the common person or community members of this DAO ready for that scrutiny? If the answer is no, then they truly do NOT want freedom. Just hand the power back over to a central authority and let them make your decisions so you will not be scrutinized. Freedom takes work and responsibility. If you don’t want that, hand over your keys.

Decentralization takes work. Protecting your private keys and not getting scammed takes work. So does making public decisions. If you can’t do it, delegate your VP. My feeling is Centralization will end up being the outcome of this voting system because most people cannot handle someone questioning their decisions.

Absolutely. No one should force your opinions unto others, however suggestions are absolutely ok. This also means being open-minded to suggestions and critiques.


Not sure I understand this fully. However, I think when there are disputes, it is important that you are transparent about it. It is important that the community is aware of substantive disputes going on relating to the reputation, product history, or more. So this one is difficult to understand. As for emotional drama of he said she said, I think yes it should be more wise to take that outside of the forum.

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I love this! Can we sticky it?


Calling @HPrivakos since I’m no longer a mod here :stuck_out_tongue: