Code of ethics (conduct)

Decentraland is owned and governed by its members, who make decisions through voting on proposals. In this context, having a code of ethics can be essential for defining the values and principles that guide the organization’s behavior and decision-making processes.

By establishing a set of values and principles that align with the interests of the community, the organization can ensure that its decisions are consistent with its members’ expectations. This, in turn, can help build trust and confidence in the DAO, both among its members and the wider public.

Another advantage of having a code of ethics is that it can provide a framework for decision-making. By defining the ethical principles that guide the organization’s behavior, the DAO can ensure that its choices are consistent with its values and priorities. This can help the organization to make more informed and responsible decisions, which can enhance its reputation and credibility.

A code of ethics can also help to promote a positive culture within the organization. By setting out the behaviors and attitudes that are expected of members, the DAO can create a sense of shared purpose and identity. This, in turn, can help to foster a culture of collaboration, trust, and mutual respect, which can enhance the organization’s effectiveness and resilience.

Having a code of ethics can help to ensure that the Decentraland DAO is viewed as a responsible and trustworthy organization. By establishing a clear set of ethical standards and principles, the organization can differentiate itself from other blockchain-based platforms and attract new members and investors who are looking for a community-driven, socially responsible organization.


Hey Folks what you think about it ? Please share your thoughts. :heart:

Have you sourced the TOS to see what ethics codes are in it already? (more so for next phase)

I def support a code of ethics tho. Too many ppl here being hurtful and harmful to individuals and as we’ve seen also to the governance process. So I see this ethics not only about the process and system, but also for the people and their actions.


I am in favor of creating a code of ethics for both systems and individuals as @ckbubbles said


No, i will look at it. Thanks for your feedback :handshake:

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Let’s also connect in the DAO discord, some of us saw a talk at ETHDenver that gave some great starting places for constitutions for DAOs!

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