[DAO:9c24a92] Code of Ethics (conduct)

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Decentraland is owned and governed by its members, who make decisions through voting on proposals. In this context, having a code of ethics can be essential for defining the values and principles that guide the organization’s behavior and decision-making processes.

By establishing a set of values and principles that align with the interests of the community, the organization can ensure that its decisions are consistent with its members’ expectations. This, in turn, can help build trust and confidence in the DAO, both among its members and the wider public.

Another advantage of having a code of ethics is that it can provide a framework for decision-making. By defining the ethical principles that guide the organization’s behavior, the DAO can ensure that its choices are consistent with its values and priorities. This can help the organization to make more informed and responsible decisions, which can enhance its reputation and credibility.

A code of ethics can also help to promote a positive culture within the organization. By setting out the behaviors and attitudes that are expected of members, the DAO can create a sense of shared purpose and identity. This, in turn, can help to foster a culture of collaboration, trust, and mutual respect, which can enhance the organization’s effectiveness and resilience.

Having a code of ethics can help to ensure that the Decentraland DAO is viewed as a responsible and trustworthy organization. By establishing a clear set of ethical standards and principles, the organization can differentiate itself from other blockchain-based platforms and attract new members and investors who are looking for a community-driven, socially responsible organization.

The development of the code of ethics will be a collaborative process involving the community, and its contents will be proposed in Draft and Governance proposals after discussion with community members.

You can add your thoughts what should be in the code of ethics in the comments below or on the forum topic below.

To vote, select one of the following options:

Yes: Start process of creating and implementing a code of ethics. The meaning and points will be proposed in the Draft and Governance proposals after discussion with the community.

No: Leave as it is.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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I voted yes because in a beautiful, idealistic world, we would all define and agree on how we want to conduct ourselves in the DAO. But to be honest, without binding contracts to hold parties accountable, a Code of Ethics will not have any teeth to back itself up. Most of us will follow it, but at the end of the day, people are going to just do what they choose to do. :woman_shrugging:

Maybe we should be more like pirates…

Voting yes to offset RobL’s vote

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I think anyone familiar with the history of Decentraland know that “binding contracts” also don’t carry much weight in the eyes of many influential individuals within the DAO.

While I am not necessarily opposed to a DCL Code of Ethics per se, I voted ‘no’ because I feel this proposal is very sparse on specifics, and considering the very low voter turnout, enacting such a proposal without a substantial amount of community input (and no, in my opinion, the 10-15 people that are regularly active in the DAO channel, many with little or no skin in the game, simply isn’t enough), would potentially lead to such a Code of Conduct that is unfairly skewed in favor of the few that debate it, and as will likely result in it being an instrument rife for abuse. In the future, should the voter turnout increase substantially, whereas as Code of Conduct could be adequately debated, then I may reconsider my position.

@esteban – I would certainly appreciate it if you didn’t use my vote simply as an a excuse to vote the way you want. If you did not want districts (that comprise approx. 30% of vested interest in DCL) to actively weigh in on community decisions, then you had the opportunity to exclude them from doing so. Seems you never have any issue with my vote as long as it agrees with yours, but then want to suddenly vilify it when it does not. As we all know, governance proposals are required to meet a 6mil VP threshold, and the only way any get passed or denied is when one or more whales decide to vote. I did not create this criterion, you all did, and as such without the input of a few “whales”, few if any, governance proposals would meet the min 6mil VP threshold to pass.

Before anyone comments, I am aware that this is simply a poll and not the actual governance proposal, but in my view, there’s no point in pursuing a topic like this at all at this stage, with such limited community involved.

So it seems you, and the other “whales” feel it perfectly acceptable weigh in whenever you want, and also feel it perfectly acceptable to attempt to invalidate the votes of others.

Seems the leadership of DCL may need a Code of Conduct more so than the users of the platform, no?

The development of the code of ethics will be a collaborative process involving the community, and its contents will be proposed in Draft and Governance proposals after discussion with community members.

You can add your thoughts what should be in the code of ethics in the comments below or on the forum topic below.


I supposed this code would be thoroughly debated and discussed before being implemented thats why I created forum post where community can leave their thoughts. I will try to involve as many members as I can. Anyway this is a first stage to start, there is also two more.

You can leave your thoughts here or in forum what you think there should be or in this code.

Do you mean like the 21% of people who voted on your District plan?

You didn’t have any problem with even fewer people giving you millions of dollars of other people’s assets, so don’t pretend this is about integrity.

@jar0d I’m not really sure why you are asking me about this. As you are all too aware, districts were in no way involved in the mechanics of this voting process, as per Decentraland, districts were required to submit an Initial Startup Plan (ISP) to Decentraland’s leadership at the time, after they reviewed it and approved it, and it was then Decentraland that then put these (ISPs) up on their owned and operated Agora voting website in order to get them voted on by those that contributed to the formation of districts. Decentraland created the entire voting process, and all rules and requirements that governed it, so if you, as a NON-CONTIBUTOR to any district, have any concerns regarding this process, or any other Decentraland created process or procedure, then you need to ask those that created it, in this case Decentraland.

FYI: Decentraland gave all contributors to all districts 14 days to vote on their respective district’s ISPs, and nearly all districts had a low voter turnout (see agora votes and compare against wallets contributed), and it was Decentraland voting criteria that stated 67% of all that voted vote over a 14-day time frame. No one can force anyone to vote, and as in nearly all elections, many people choose not to participate. District X had a 99.5% approval rating from all those that voted, so based on that level of approval, there is absolutely no indication the outcome would have been substantially changed had there been more votes.

Let’s get one thing straight, just because, as a grown man, you sit and make memes all day, and subsequently spend hours of your life posting nonsense messages into a project’s discord, a project of which you have little to nothing invested, does not make you opinions important. In fact, you may be better served if you stopped spending your days at home getting high (btw, your own admission in a previous post), and go out and find a job. Perhaps if you were actually a contributing member of society IRL, you might then be able to find ways to better contribute here.

Also, was it not just a few days ago, that @Esteban investigated the claims of you and your sidekick @DCLcreations and found you both to be nothing more than FUD spreading attention seekers with little or nothing invested in this project. In fact, as I recall, based on your incessant fudding he recommended BANNING both of you. I think that all but sums up how legitimate you and your “claims” really are.

Before you get too excited, don’t mistake my generosity in responding to your post as an invitation to engage in further conversation, I have little time to engage with a FUD spreading attention seeker that has decided to disguise himself virtue signaling Super Hero.

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What ever you say, Rob.

funny seeing the whale who’s ethics are in question down vote for this one lol

Code of Ethics (conduct)

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 52% 5,493,657 VP (51 votes)
  • No 47% 4,988,506 VP (69 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 10,051 VP (6 votes)

This is just a draft poll, to measure the sentiment about whether or not this should be discussed further

TBH, I started to treat you as much as a threat to this community as @jar0d is. I believe you should find a way to close down the DistrictX project in the best possible way for everyone.

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In these early draft polls, smaller votes are enough. Only 500k is required to elevate it to a draft. As a whale, an early vote creates the sensation that it’s useless to vote against the current winning stance.

Code of Ethics (conduct)

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

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I agree with the spirit of this proposal. Please note that Decentraland already has a Code of Ethics, but it is mainly about employees and contractors behavior, so for the sake of clarity I would recommend that this new Code of Ethics has another name, maybe a good alternative is: “Code of Ethics for Decision Making within the DAO”.

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