Decentraland Marketplace More Data and Filters Please!

Hey all!

Love the Decentraland Marketplace, this is a thread to see what else we can add to make more people confident with their buying decisions and easy to navigate.

Personally I think,


  • Add filter - connected to roads, not connected to roads, connected to districts, etc),
  • Maybe a ‘recent sales’ section


  • Need supply count on each wearable
  • Most recent sales of that type when you click a specific wearable
  • Maybe instead of listing them all, just list each type with a number count in the corner of how many are for sale. Then, when someone clicks that wearable, all the wearables for sale come up.
  • A simple filter for community wearables & Decentraland wearables. Maybe a button to switch between the two.


The ability to filter by a specific alphabet and show all names with that starting letter.

Please provide more feedback if possible


I would add that Partners (SuperRare and MakersPlace) should at minimum display the name of the artist. There is currently zero attribution in the Marketplace.


I came back to this thread to say EXACTLY this.

We need the Artist’s name,

Also would be great to see ‘recent sales’ of that Artists pieces.
Maybe also ‘other listings’.

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