Proposal: For User-Created Wearables

I put together this proposal for user-created wearables using Esteban’s draft as a starting point. Please let me know what you think. I plan on also posting it to the public forums in the next couple days.


I’m no expert, I make some vox models mostly of plants as I’m planning a “voxelscaping” service in Cryptovoxels. (It’s so easy and open to build and implement there and I was gifted the use of a parcel for 1 year to make mybart gallery)
I hope to have a gallery in DCL (the look and features here are above and beyond!)
As for wearables I think this is a good proposal.
One thing I didn’t see or maybe missed, would be a resale royalty going to the creator.
If they make something that gets pupular, and with scarcity built in, a resale could be many times what the original price was.
Like on opensea with artists, I think the wearable designer should get a royalty on items being re sold on secondary markets etc. (if it’s possible I guess 10% is fast becoming a “standard” across multiple art platforms.
I also hope to one day make wearables for dcl.
My other question would be what about sculptures, trees, flowers, fountains, etc. will there be a marketplace for user built (and vetted) items?

Hi, Clark
Thanks for this proposal of user-created wearables.
I am wondering is it there any plan for the district’s community to create the wearable NFT? For example, is it available for the Dragon City community to provide their NFT related to their theme (Related to Chinese Culture)?

Nice discussion here.
We already have wearables and 99% finished working scene :slight_smile:
Would like to share our dapp-craft vision here

Dappcraft Wearables

Our vision is to become a number one wearable retailer in DCL , leader in promoting new names in physidigital fashion, bringing ideas of digital scarcity to the wider community.

  1. Creating infrastructure

We are planning to have 10 big shops in DCL. Two out of 10 will be in districts. Fashion District. Aetheria.

Only seven shops will be for sale as Metazone metas.

As we don’t have lots of traffic so far.

We feel that 10 motivated dappcraft partners can achieve much better results in promoting ideas of digital scarcity and nfts in the form of avatars wearables than any individual.

Check our scene


You can see that we have 4 collections of 5 items each. Total 20 items.

Each collection is dedicated to a strong crypto mem, reminding to all of us the madness and hype in 2017/18.

  1. Collaboration

It is very important but difficult on this stage of development of the DCL world to collaborate with wellknown brands and names . We feel that crypto projects and other nfts will be the first to collaborate.

2.1 Promoting designers

Dappcraft will serve as a place where new designers get all the needed support to have their wearables added to the market.


Creating nft smart contract , building a scene inside DCL , designing 3D copy model is a barrier for many designers.

We see Dappcraft as a kind of Metazone for wearables and emotions.

2.1.2. Marketing

Organizing fashion events in DCL , giving users opportunity to see and experience 3D models on our dummies. Designers presenting themselves and their creations to the public will help to raise the interest to the DCL platform.

  1. Physidigital.

One of the next possible ideas is selling digital wearables together with the copy in the physical world.

Yes. We feel that physical world wearable is a copy of a digital one. Not vice versus.

We already have friends designers very much interested in this kind of cooperation. They need all kind of help in creating nfts and 3D designs compatible with DCL.


Proof of Work nft. Instead of “add to the market nft”.

We are starting with very simple idea.

Buy the receipt. Go inside the world, find one of our locations and craft.

And as you did some simple task and crafted - now you can sell the wearable with your premium comparing to the receipt you bought.

Further the receipts will be more sophisticated . You will have to fulfill certain criteria to get it.

5.Shop owners income sharing

Important thing is how we see the income split between landowner/ shop owner/ designer/ dappcraft / dao or burn

Landowner/ District 10%

Shop owner 40%

Designer 30%

Dappcraft 10%

Dao or burn 10%

Designer and shop owner shares are negotiable.

  1. Presale of our wearables

Why are we doing presale ?

Why don’t we wait until wearables have clearer way to be added?

  1. We want active community to have an opportunity to make some money. Buying now is 30% discount comparing to the prices when added to the market.

  2. We want to use collected mana (which will be returned if our wearables are not added (except gas costs )) to vote. So we would use your money as a voting power.

  3. We are pre-selling receipts for the wearables , not the wearable itself. We want you to get inside the world and craft it. We feel that every added wearable should encourage to spend time in the world in one way or another.

  4. Yes. We want to be the first ones to be added. As we were the first one with this idea almost a year ago.

  5. To showcase the success story which will motivate new names to come to the platform.

  6. Dappcraft Fashion Festival

As a part of our mission to promote new designers to DCL and digital scarcity ideas we are organizing a festival. Inviting 3D designers and fashion designers to join. Users will vote for best wearables and dappcraft will add them to our shops , together with the proposal to DAO to add these items to the market.

Having meta citizens support we hope that this kind of activities will play a significant role when taking decision what to add to the marketplace.

Visit our shop.

Check our website.

Register for the event.

Our discord

Our telegram

See you in the metaverse.