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Dear Friend.

Dappcraft Physidigital fashion Festival

Is happy to announce its first event which will take place inside the virtual world of Decentraland.

Decentraland is a digital world built on open standards , governed by the community. It is represented by a limited number of land plots, using blockchain technology to guarantee the digital scarcity of the space available to build the 3D content. Each of 90 000 parcels of land is a digital token. Users can buy, sell, rent, transfer their land freely within Ethereum blockchain infrastructure without any authority or central power controlling it. Land serves as a place where you can deploy your 3D content.

Decentraland opened its gates not so long ago, on 20/02/20 and people have already built museums, galleries, night clubs, conference halls, business centers , games , etc… imagination is the limit.

You might be very surprised reading this technological stuff asking yourself how blockchain and fashion are connected ?

You should have heard about in game items know as skins or wearables. Gaming companies earn billions on selling cosmetic stuff to the players. Players buy them for different reasons , but they can’t return their money by selling these ingame items to other users for real money and they can’t use these skins and weapons or other stuff in other games. Also we don’t know exact numbers of rare wearables issued by the game developer and there is no guarantee that they won’t print these rare items in the future.

Blockchain technology gives the opportunity to guarantee digital scarcity of the ingame items, gives the ability to sell them on the open market, exchange , even use it in the other game, etc…

Well , we are finally getting to the fashion :slight_smile: please be patient…

Decentraland avatars can choose to wear different clothes. Some of them are for free , others are unique and scarce.

Participating in the festival -

You have a chance to create a 3D model of the wearable for the DCL avatar and win a prize of being added to the official market, meaning that you will be able to earn up to 30-40% percent from the total sales of your wearable.

Short calculations.

Eg 1000 items were sold. 5$ each. Total 5 thousand usd. Your check is smth around 1500-2000 usd. (By the way - mana is the in-world currency, if you want to know more about how it works please read this article…****)

Sounds good ?

To good to be true :slight_smile: is that easy ??? Not really.

That is why community of DCL decides which wearable should be added to the market and our festival gives good opportunities for new designers to show their creations and for DCL community to choose the best ideas.

So…if you win the contest - you will be added to Dappcraft retail net, which consists of 10 shops scattered all over the map of DCL. A special nft (non fungible token) will be created for each of your wearable.

And when your wearable is added to the official DCL market you will be able to check in the blockchain how many of your items have been sold, how much have been paid for each item, and how many users have bought. That is the beauty of blockchain.

Invite your friends. Explore the metaverse. Digital worlds are full of opportunities for creative and brave people.

Digiphysical wearables

If you are already a fashion designer you can find DCL as a good place to promote your real life clothes.

When selling digital wearables you can send via post the physical copy of the item. So that the avatar who bought your digital item will have both physical and digital. Same rules work with digiphysical items. Digital tokens will guarantee scarcity on the blockchain, while you will guarantee that not more than agreed amount of this clothes will ever be made. Each physical item will have its number.

Dappcraft mission is to onboard 3D designers and fashion designers to DCL , promoting digital scarcity idea to the wider community , opening new revenue streams to creative people around the world.

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See you in the metaverse.