[DAO:qi4jjcm] Introduce New Artists into Decentraland

by 0x17a6ba0b9cc209ec061ba117769ec7e9a30a0952 (DigiFun)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


DigiFun is a metaverse fashion brand in DCL to produce fashionable wearables and architectures. Our coordinate (17,-65) had the great honour of becoming a Point of Interest.

DigiFun has collaborated with designers such as Yaping Chen, Morchen, etc.

Our next step will be to onboard more designers to help to launch more wearables to further stimulate the fashion industry in DCL, get them into the community, and contribute to the communities.

The onboarding process includes

  1. Courses on how to make wearable on Blender and DCL.

  2. Collaborate 3D modeling for their designs and launch on marketplace.

  3. Help artists to get into the DCL community by hosting launch parties, Twitter Space, AMAs to get in touch with the community.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



If our community approves funding within a month, we will use it to make the next 6 onboarding training courses for artists to learn how to get into Decentraland.

Courses includes:

  1. How to make wearable models in Blender?


  1. How to make a more elaborate texture?


  1. How to Weight Wearables?


  1. How to Export Wearables into Decentraland?


  1. How to get into Decentraland?

From setting up a Metamask wallet, log in and introduce utilities of Decentraland to how to find events, and guide them to different venues, and introduce governance and how to get involved in the DAO community.

6. How to market themselves in Decentraland?

How to host events, what’s the main social media to use, how to start their own brand.


Apart from these courses, we also help to integrate their designs with 3D modeling, as we previously did with the designers that we worked with. Host events for designers, and have giveaways for the communities with games and parties. The cost of courses, 3D modeling, and parties will be covered by DigiFun.

Currently, we are still looking for more designers to enter Decentraland.

1. Digifun Collaborated Partners

Digifun has collaborated with partners among web2 and web3. Our partners include designers such as KINGWEN, Yaping Chen, Morchen, r.l.e house. Traditional fashion brand Cider. NFT project Theirsverse. On-chain oracle Zeitgeist, and the Palace Museum. DigiFun helps them get into Decentraland with wearables and hosts events at our parcel.


Next, we will work with more artists to bring more fashion designs into Decentraland.


2. New Artists Introduction

The following artists have agreed and are very interested to collaborate with DigiFun to enter Decentraland.

Tornado Song: digital artist and designer graduate from University of the Arts London

Joanna: freelancer

Hahhhsis: Designer of the Fashion Institute of Rangoni, Italy

CHENG CHENG: Independent Designer

TED: NILDET brand founder

Tao Wang: fashion designer, Teacher at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Jason Han: Jewelry designer

Ava: Independent Designer

Logan: fashion designer

Jacob: freelancer and other artists

  1. DigiFun Team Award

2022 MVFW SUMMER GALA — Most elegant

2022 Dragon City Fashion Design Contest — Metastar


The organization of artists and discussion about design will be in our forum, which is more public and convenient. Almost the same as Decentraland forum. And in the community, we also provide courses relevant to 3D modeling on Blender, Decentraland tutorials, marketing etc.

For each design, DigiFun will submit a proposal in the forum, and discuss the details and progress of the proposal. Finally, the design will be voted on by all artists in DigiFun DAO.

Currently, we have applied our Domain Name, chosen Metaforo as our forum tool, and created Snapshot space as our voting tool.


Team members

The team consists of 5 members with specific skills and experiences. Our collaborative experiences include fashion design, digital art, software development, 3D animation. Apart from us, we are also recruiting other designers to join our team to design together. We are dedicated to bringing fashion into the metaverse, our goal is to stimulate the fashion space, serve the community, and attract more designers and fashion lovers into DCL through fashionable wearables.

Momo: Art Development Leader / Expert in digital art and generative art

Zeo: Full-Stack Developer / React, Solidity, Go, Python

Masha: Community Leader / Development Office Metaverse Event

Simor: 3D Animator / Wearable Builder

Yaping Chen: Fashion Designer

Roadmap and milestones

Before receiving funds, we developed abundant experience in Decentraland through making wearables, hosting events, and working with different designers and venues. Currently, The team has launched 30 wearables, and weekly parties and P2E at DigiFun venue and collaborated with other DCL venues such as MetaParty, MetaTrekkers, B-Verse, MetaGamimall, Dragon City, and BabyDolls.

Suppose the fund application is approved within a month, then the following activities will be launched:

Within three months, we will release 6 classes, release a wearable collection every week with different artists, host a launching party every two weeks, and hold an exhibition every month with all the artists we’ve worked with. Our goal is to bring more designers outside of Decentraland into Decentraland, to bring value to the fashion space, and the Decentraland community.

Funds breakdown:

  • Help enter Decentraland. This includes 6 classes, marketing and events: 1500u

  • 3D Modeling and graphic: 1500u

The team is accountable to the community. There will be monthly updates via social media platforms, the Forum will be open for everyone to see, and active engagement with the community. We are taking this seriously, and sincerely want the DCL community to be bigger and better.

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Thank you for all the valuable advises from DCL community members. We have edited the previous proposals in following points:

  1. The publication fee will be covered by DigiFun and artists rather than the grant.

  2. We extend the onboarding processes with wearable courses, help new artists come to DCL.

  3. We will host party and twitter space to help artists connect with the community and stay in DCL.


I would like to commend Digifun, they are one of hardest workers in the game. The first proposal didn’t go so smooth because of some culture misunderstanding, however they didn’t give up, they just went back to the drawing board and created another one with more value! They even asked for advice on how to make it better and follow the DCL rules.This is the type of relentless commitment we need, don’t give up and keep innovating! This has my vote and would do it ten times over! Metatrekkers is rooting for the little guys.


Thank you for your support, our efforts are worthwhile!

I had not voted on this yet, as I didn’t want there to be a conflict of interest with future work with DigiFun. But as I have seen this has passed and will more than likely do so in the next 5 days, I will go ahead and finally add my vote! So proud of y’all, and can’t wait to work with the team on some exciting things!

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congratulations on getting your proposal passed. I will vote with the crowd to help you get it over the goal line but had a thought about it…With this proposal is there a possibility of having a percentage of the first 5 wearables of each of those gaining the free education and onboarding gifted back to the DAO to help pay back for their free education?

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Thank you for your support! we look forward to our future work!!


Thank you for this idea, we will consider it.

Introduce New Artists into Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 2,421,174 VP (66 votes)
  • No 1% 2,588 VP (2 votes)

Introduce New Artists into Decentraland

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