[DAO:ry2hxpm] DigifunDAO:Introduce more designers into DCL

by 0x17a6ba0b9cc209ec061ba117769ec7e9a30a0952 (DigiFun)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


DigiFun is a metaverse fashion brand. We are dedicated to bringing renowned designers and artists to Decentraland to produce the most fashionable wearables and architectures.

DigiFun have collaborated with designers such as Yaping Chen, KINGWEN, Morchen, etc. Dozens of outfits have been launched, many of which have won various fashion awards in Decentraland. Coordinate (18, -66) of DigiFun had the great honor of becoming a Point Of Interest.

Our next step will be to work with other artists to launch more wearables and contribute to the DCL community.

However, the cost of publication and modeling are limiting our productions, as the costs are hardly retrieved by sales revenue. Therefore, we are seeking support from the community.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The grant will be used to cover the cost of modeling and publication fee. If our community approves funding within a month, we will use it to make the next ten sets of wearables and give them back to the community for free.

Currently, we are inviting artists to join Decentraland, including artists in DCL such as MichiTodd, CK bubbles, Maryana, etc. During the collaboration, the cost of modeling and publication fee will be covered by the grant.


1. Digifun Collaborated Partners

Digifun has collaborated with partners among web2 and web3. Our partners include designers such as KINGWEN, Yaping, Morchen, traditional fashion brand Cider, NFT project Theirsverse, onchain oracle Zeitgeist, and the Palace Museum. DigiFun helps them get into Decentraland with wearables.


Next, we will work with more artists to bring more fashion design into Decentraland.

2. Artists Introduction

  1. Tornado Song: Digital artist and designer graduate from University of the Arts London.

  2. Hahhhsis: Designer of the Fashion Institute of Rangoni, Italy

  3. Yaping Chen: Desinger for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

  4. Morchen: Mochic, an award-winning gender-neutral contemporary label created by Morchen Liu.

  5. Tao Wang: Fashion designer, Teacher of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

  6. Ckbubble: Creative director, nail artist

  7. Michi Todd: Verified creator for Decentraland, wearable NFT Artist

  8. Joanna: Free artist

And other artists.


3. DigiFun Team Award

  • 2022 MVFW SUMMER GALA — Most elegant

  • 2022 Dragon City Fashion Design Contest — Metastar



The organization of artists and discussion about design will in our forum, which is more public and convenient. Almost the same as Decentraland forum.

For each design, DigiFun will submit a proposal in the forum, and discuss the detail and progress on the proposal. Finally, the design will be voted by all artists in DigiFun DAO.

Currently, we have applied our Domain Name, chosen Metaforo as our forum tool, and created Snapshot space as our voting tool.



Team members

  • Momo: Art Development Leader / Expert in digital art and generative art

  • Zeo: Full-Stack Developer / React, Solidity, Go, Python

  • Masha: Community Leader / Development Office Metaverse Event

  • Simor: 3D Animator / Wearable Builder

  • Yaping Chen: Fashion Designer

Roadmap and milestones

Suppose the funds application is approved within a month, then the following activities will be launched:

Within three months, we will release a wearable collection every week, host a launching party every two weeks, and hold an exhibition every month.

$3000 will be used for:

  • Publication fee: $150 a piece x 10 = $1500
  • Modeling fee: $150 a piece x 10= $1500

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The work you are doing adds such an element of class and sophistication to the wearables marketplace, and I am wowed every time I see a new design. I’d love for your financial burden to be lightened so that you can continue to onboard innovative artists and designers into Decentraland.

Your work goes beyond simply creating designs for clients though. In addition to becoming a catalyst for onboarding talented designers, you have become a part of the community by attending events and spaces as well as hosting your own.

You have my YES! And I wish you the best of luck with this very reasonable grant request. Keep up the good work Digifun!


Voted no. Do not see wearables creation and submissions fees as a good use of DAO Funds.

I see a few familiar names on the list of artist I love them all , but the title of this proposal suggests that you want to onboard new creators to the space so using funds to publish wearables made by creators that are already in the space kind of contradicts what you are proposing.

I personally would be more inclined to vote yes if the whole list consisted of new designers and creators.


I love your work Digifun, i agree with…

From Sinful above, voting no for now.


It would be nice if these fees were paid to the creator~

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In fact, many content creators are also facing the problem of funding, and it is difficult to continue to launch new wearables. Digifun hopes to solve these problems so that they can create more excellent works. As for new creators, we have already invited some to onboard such as Yaping Chen, Morchen, Kingwen and r.l.e, and we will also consider the approval of grants to decide whether to invite more creators, we have many on the list already, such as Tornado Song,Hahhhsis, Tao Wang, Joanna,CHENGCHENG,Ted Nildet and are looking for more to help them get onboard for free.

Thank you so much for your support ! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I just want to add this here for some background context. From the co-founder of Decentraland RE: grant funds being used to cover the publication costs of new wearables in June 2021:

MANA was trading at between $0.80-$1.00 during the month of June, and this was regarding a 500 MANA fee, so I’m not certain if Esteban has changed his stance on this. My point is at one time there was support for this type of grant request at the highest level. You can read more about the conversation here if interested:

I agree with the above sentiments, I don’t think it’s a fair use of DAO funds to pay wearable submission fees. I admire many of the names on the list above, but your title says “Introduce more designers into DCL” and a few of these names are already well established here. Instead of paying a one-time fee to create a wearable for outside designers, I’d feel more comfortable seeing some sort of comprehensive wearable curation process that helps them come to Decentraland, connect with the community, and want to stay and create more. :slight_smile:

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DigifunDAO:Introduce more designers into DCL

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 7% 180,502 VP (28 votes)
  • No 93% 2,334,552 VP (31 votes)