[DAO: QmdsaCc] DAO Enabling Metaverse’s Creativity

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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


DigiFunDAO is an organization involving the communication, production, and investment for digital entertainment in Decentraland. It aims to enroll 100,000 DAO members within two years.
DigiFun is dedicated to empowering the designers, modelers and participants involved in metaverse construction. Everyone with a creative idea can become metaverse planners and work together to build Decentraland’s future. In addition, the flexibility of DigiFun governance enables the DigiFun community to adjust the DAO team framework to provide the digital entertainment services required by the metaverse based on real-world and emerging challenges.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



About $5,000 is needed for the initial code development and website construction for DigiFun DAO, as well as marketing and publicity at the initial stage of the project. Among this, $3,500 will be used for technology development and $1,500 for marketing, publicity and giveaway to the community (to motivate the participants).


DigiFunDAO will be deployed on the Polygon chain. There is no fixed number for the members of DigiFunDAO. The participants of DigiFunDAO will be divided into the following different groups with different roles. (Everyone can keep multiple identities)

—DigiFun: Provides communication platform, financial support and support to creators;
—Designers: Responsible for the appearance design for clothing, buildings or other Decentraland products;

—Modelers: Complete the modeling work of the specific product based on the manuscript provided by the designers;

—Advisers: Participate in the whole process of product design and development, providing suggestions for designers and modelers to adopt;

—Proposers: DAO members can offer proposals for Decentraland’s virtual works and the development of DigiFunDAO. Proposals can proceed to the formal stage after receiving enough votes during the presentation stage;

—Decision makers: DigiFun product holders (POAP, clothing, etc.) can become decision makers. The official listing of products on self requires the votes by DAO members, and will be adopted only when a certain percentage of votes will be reached (also votes for a better product, letting everyone get involved in building a better future for DCL)

Solutions for potential problems

  1. When the DAO organization expands, if there is a conflict between the interests of some DAO members and the overall interests of the project (for example, PoW miners prevent PoS improvement), then it can be solved by POAP dividends/buyback or destruction to ensure that the overall benefits of the project can be returned to DAO in some way.
  2. Regarding governance enthusiasm, we will motivate DAO members by airdropping NFT for the governance, but will not make promise to the encouragement, to avoid the phenomenon of click farming.
  3. Stability of governance. The increase of weight requires certain plans to ensure the stability of overall voting. A linear mechanism similar to DeFI will be adopted to ensure the stability of decision-making system.


Audrey:Project President /University of the Arts London / Fashion Buyer / worked for Bestseller

Momo:Art Development Leader / Fine Art in Tsinghua University / Expert in digital art and generative art

Zeo: Full-Stack Developer /PhD Computer Science in Tsinghua University / React, Solidity, Go, Python

Bruce:Economic Developer and Financial Manager / Economic and Finance in LSE / Machine Learning in Tsinghua University

Roadmap and milestones

Suppose the funds application is approved in one month, then the following activities will be launched:
2021/12/30 – Set up a forum
2022/1/01 – Start preliminary marketing
2022/1/05 – Recruit designers and modelers
2022/02/25 – Set up DigiFunDAO official website
2022/04/03 - Large scale NFTs airdropping

With the approved fund, we will conduct multiple tasks simultaneously in order to complete our tasks as planned. We are also aiming to expand our community to 100,000 members in two years’ time, allowing more people to join us and experience the meta-universe and plan the creative development of DCL together.

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