[DAO: QmX75jQ] The in-world DAO governance forum

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Should the following Tier 2: a one-time payment of $1500 - $3000 USD in MANA grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


An in-world DAO headquarters where users participate in discussions, review proposals, cast votes, and archive past DAO decisions as a constitution. This public forum of governance is open to all members of the community all the time and hosts meetups, roundtables, regular town halls, and other DAO events.

The headquarters are being built by core contributors to the DAO community with ideas and feedback from many stakeholders in the DAO, Foundation, and creator community.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The Decentraland DAO lives and breathes through discussion, communication, and community building.

  1. KevinOnEarth proved the need and effectiveness of regular town hall discussion events—but we need a more stable and featureful forum to host them.

  2. The DAO Governance Snapshot web interface is great for voting but lacks discussion and commenting. An in-world presentation of the Snapshot space allows users to process and read proposals in the context that the proposals govern, instead of an abstract interface—necessarily a more engaging experience. The Decentraland DAO will be the first DAO to conduct avatar-based 3D governance discussion and voting.

  3. Activity in the #dao channel and #town-hall channels in Decentraland+ discord proves the community need for ad-hoc discussion places.

  4. Finally, out of principle, the DAO must have a presence in the world that it governs.

Initially, the scene will be hosted in a district. In the future, we’ll explore proposing the purchase of LAND for DAO-related scenes as the DAO gains power.



Forum structure

  • Main forum amphitheater
    • Podium
      • Controls active proposal on display screen with next/last/next 10/last 10 or pick-from-list
    • Ascending forum amphitheater rows
    • Main display screen showing a proposal
      • If proposal is a POI, portal link to POI
      • Out-of-scope but noted: if your address has voted on the selected proposal on the display screen, it is reflected around your avatar
    • Out-of-scope but noted: displayed proposal title is painted around the forum, on the columns and circumscribing the top of the structure
    • Screen streaming from Twitch or Discord
      • External admin dashboard
  • Intro hallway
    • Book of all active proposals
    • Book of all enacted proposals
    • Book of all passed polls
    • Plaque/book about the purpose of the DAO and this place
    • POAP dispenser
    • Comments box/large chalice
      • Users can submit text comments and topics to be read at upcoming gatherings or during the current gathering
        • 256 character strings, loaded in a queue, sign to submit


The DAO hub is being built by many contributors, led by Trevor (previously product @ Decentraland), FrankyNeedles (Franky’s Tavern, client builds, @FrankyNeedles), and Lastraum (Last Slice etc., @lastraum), with support from Lastraum/Xeta’s dev group and oversight from the Foundation content team. The team has skills and access to resources to complete the DAO hub’s features across art, modeling, interaction, state management, admin dashboards, and Twitch/Discord integrations.

Roadmap and milestones

Work Schedule

Week 1

  • Block in layout
  • Layout blocks loaded into SDK
  • Node server setup w/ Twitch stream hosting

Week 2

  • Design & build to 50% complete, begin styling and decoration
  • Node server expanded to include persistent state API

Week 3 & 4

  • Design & build to 90% complete, load into SDK
  • Webhook implementation for live state mgmt
  • Session admin panel + API updates

Week 5 & 6

  • Deployment in district, QA, test town halls
  • Discord integration (second node server)

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Hi all, another update on this (last one was in the grants roundup).

The functional geometry on the ground level is done. Franky is adding finishing touches to the upper level (which is the group state/governance forum) with extra seating and teleporter reception pads.

UI is in progress, I’m still working out the UX for browsing between passed proposals in the library down below.

Basic scene functionality w/ teleportation and viewing proposals is running. Dynamic textures from the API are working. The Governance Summary API has one big route working, providing relatively up-to-date summaries of all proposals consumable by the scene. Some work to be done here but it’s enough for the current iteration.

This week the big rock is UI for the proposals and using the message bus to set simple proposal display state.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi all, another quick update on this. The data summary API is working well locally so I’m starting to port it up to Heroku + hosted MongoDB. Additionally, in the scene, the monitor displays proposals sync’d across all clients with a browse controller for the presenter. Adding more UI to that this weekend along with some hologram effects.

Hello @taldorf ! We hope you are doing well.

I’m Pablo, from Decentraland Grants Support Squad, and I reach you out because we need your help.

We are interested in Grant´s program history to improve it in the future, that’s why we started to contact grantees that have been funded by our DAO and nowadays their Grant status is not active.

So, for us it would be helpful and valuable if you can respond to the following questions about your Granted Project from Decentraland.

Thank you for your time and to help improve the Grant Program.


Pablo & Team

Hi Pablo! Thank you for this. I am completing the questionnaire now.

I have also finished my first year of university last week and have been committing some updates to the project I have made over that time, which I will make more notes on after they have been merged into the main branch.

for now a gif of the proposal api working as intended from the presentation podium stand-in: https://i.gyazo.com/6beb146f481400757a2477bf8c87aa7f.gif and a few images of updated models being added to the scene:
Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 11.05.33 AM

Hey @taldorf !

This was an awesome project. Please do let me know if you’d need any support in getting this over the line, and beefing up the build.

I’m certain a lot of people from the community would be happy to help!

Also; well done on finishing your first year of Uni! :clap:

Thanks for your response, @taldorf !
What’s your Discord user? I think you can keep on the conversation on a new dedicated Discord channel for your Grant here : Decentraland DAO
Would you like?

Yes, I’m in the group, my discord is trevor#5528. Would love a channel.