[DAO:77bea6b] Decentraland DAO Headquarters

by 0x5b5cc427c1d81db4f94de4d51d85ce122d63e244 (Fehz)

Should funds from the DAO Treasury be allocated to finance a new community-led project addressing issues outlined herein?

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Decentraland DAO Headquarters


This proposal looks towards the construction of the Decentraland DAO Headquarters in Genesis City, a virtual space that will serve as the epicenter of our operations, community activities and as a welcoming space for new joiners. This headquarters should be more than just a building; it will be a dynamic, immersive hub that encapsulates the spirit of decentralization, innovation, and collaboration of our community.

Problem Statement

Decentraland DAO stands as a leading force and a pivotal entity for innovation in the blockchain-based virtual worlds space. At this point, establishing a central hub becomes essential to streamline our operations through a full comprehensive metaverse experience.

Moreover, to date, we could say that there exists a noticeable disconnect between the discussions held within the DAO and the activities unfolding in Decentraland. Bridging these two experiences is an imperative need within our community.

The Decentraland DAO Headquarters aspires to be more than just a virtual space; it aims to set a precedent for social interactions within the web3 environment. The evolving concept of the headquarters seeks to redefine how individuals and organizations come together in virtual spaces.

Headquarters should become a symbol of unity and progress in the blockchain-based open metaverse, with the clear endeavor to become the capital of this emerging ecosystem, where decentralized governance, creativity, and collaboration flourish, setting the stage for a new era of collective empowerment and open, borderless connections.

Technical Specification

1. Architectural Decisions

The architectural design of the Decentraland DAO Headquarters should balance aesthetics, functionality, and scalability. Should also embrace a modular and sustainable approach, allowing for growth and adaptation as our community evolves.

  • Plot Size: from 3x3 to 10x10
  • Style
    • Modern “High-tech” (a mix of vibrant, diverse and surreal styles).
    • High ceilings.
    • Transparent or open facades.
    • Articulated perimeter
    • Landscaping and green spaces
    • Access
    • Multiple entry points
    • Stairs and elevator
  • Shape:
    • Preferently avoid shapes or features that imply centralization, and promote a sense of decentralization.
    • Must be iconic and have a strong civic identity.
  • Floors/Rooms: 2-3 floors. Take into account the current DAO structure, dApps and workspaces. Prioritize wide open spaces, but also closed and dedicated spaces for other functionalities.

Rooms & Spaces

  • Auditorium
  • Meeting rooms (x2)
  • War Room
  • Historical Museum
  • Documentation and Help Center
  • Creators Showcasing (Hall)
  • Genesis City integration + POIs w/ teleports, preview of the scenes
  • Chilling space
  • Roof Gardens and Terraces
  • Outdoors (decorative gardens, statues, fountains, pools, etc).

*Different rooms and spaces might be combined for optimization (e.g. chilling space + terrace).

2. Features, Functionalities and Infrastructure

Within the headquarters, we will define key features and infrastructure, including presentation areas, meeting rooms, social spaces, interactive elements, and accessibility options to cater to diverse community needs.

  • Technology: SDK7 - Optimized - Open Source
  • Uses: Town Halls | Events | Workshops | Onboarding & Knowledge Sharing

Interactive Elements & Integrations

  • Bulletin Boards

  • Streaming Infrastructure and basic UI for streaming (available for different streaming services).

  • Mini-Games (e.g. Table Tennis, Mini Golf, Arcade, etc)

  • dApps Integration (eg: MarketPlace, Governance)

    • In-World Voting: 3D voting booths (public) in the scene; 2D UI ballot (private) register to the blockchain.

    • MarketPlace: 3D for previewing wearables, emotes, etc.; Top wearables/emotes; 2D UI for transactions.

NPCs (Virtual Assistants)

  • Onboarding & General Guidance

Distributed Boards

  • Announcement Boards
  • Next events (integrated with DAO Community Events Google Calendar and/or Discord Events)
  • Dynamic Information Panels (governance, grants, votings, etc).
  • Analytics and Data Visualization
  • Calendar
  • Social Media Feeds

Displays for streaming

  • 3 Auditorium
  • 1 for each meeting room


  • External/internal UI with a control panel to manage the whole scene and it’s content (screens, light, music, boards, portals, etc.).
  • A gated UI to book rooms for community members with NAMEs and specific badges (also manageable from the external control panel).

3. UX

  • Navigation: Simple circulation for good traffic flows.
  • Signage: Text and/or graphical signs should be visible denoting all spaces and rooms, as well as providing clear direction on main circulation.
  • Interface: Integrate simple and clean 2D UI similar to that of the buildings on Genesis Plaza for consistency. Provide 2D UI for town hall meeting streaming.
  • Main auditorium: gated stage/podium for members to speak during meetings sessions. This is to ensure smooth the process of the DAO meetings.

Use Cases

  • Features and Infrastructure: Within the headquarters, we will define key features and infrastructure, including presentation areas, meeting rooms, social spaces, interactive elements, and accessibility options to cater to diverse community needs.
  • Educational and Onboarding purposes: The headquarters UI/UX should be a vehicle to provide resources, workshops, and interactive experiences tailored to empower both newcomers and seasoned participants. From comprehensive onboarding materials and tutorials for those new to Decentraland to advanced educational initiatives to foster a deeper understanding of the ecosystem.
  • Functionalities: The Decentraland DAO Headquarters will facilitate a wide range of functionalities, from hosting Town Halls, events, collaborative discussions, and workshops to voting, promoting engagement, and governance matters. Integration with the MarketPlace, Governance Platform and other dApps.
  • DAO and Community Awareness: The headquarters should play a pivotal role in creating awareness about the DAO, its grantees, creators, builders, and governance matters. Through interactive exhibits, informative displays, and engaging presentations, should serve as a prominent platform to spotlight and showcase the diverse projects, initiatives and achievements within the Decentraland ecosystem.
    1. Decentraland Community: Decentraland contributors, grantees, developers, creators, and governance participants looking for a centralized hub to connect and collaborate.
    2. New joiners: the offering a comprehensive onboarding experience to welcome and empower individuals entering the Decentraland community.
    3. Educators and Researchers: Individuals seeking to study, learn, and conduct research within Decentraland and the open metaverse.
    4. Innovators, Developers and Partners: Those interested in decentralized technologies, virtual reality, and the metaverse, who want to explore Decentraland’s potential. Tech-savy individuals seeking a fertile ground for development and innovation could be drawn to the HQ as a proof of concept of the Metaverse and its uses.


  1. Building Structure
  2. Main Auditorium with streaming service UI
  3. Rest of Rooms and Spaces
  4. Dynamic Boards
  5. dApps integration
  6. Scene Manager
  7. Gated functionalities and features
  8. Mini Games

Target Release Quarter

2024 Q2

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I think this is very detailed about the needs and wants of the DAO. I like the range for the land plot for the ability to expand. Would love to see this start being constructed and add the Welcome to Decentraland in multiple languages project. Along with information booth to help assist new people. I think the giving tree project could be a good fit here as well. @AwedJob

Another money/asset grab by corrupt and totally centralized government of Decentraland who will do anything to STOP innovation and destroy all competition. It’s over folks sell your land and MANA ASAP this is only the DAO piggy bank now - draining us all. It’s time for all countries to ban the domain decentraland.org and for the Panama government to take over the servers and implement one-person, one-vote

Is this who burned my weed plants? My Gawd I thought the government of DCL would tech gurus here they’re talking about toilets and bushes instead of fixing SDK7 bugs or encryption algos. This is like 5th grade student counsel running a tech company right here. We saw the 3D voting made already by DAO => 3 cubes for $1000 delivered to -126, -77. It’s unbelievable yall drove away the #1 technology land parcel innovator and now all our in-game money and weed are gone all we get is flying poops. Instead of shooting robots I’m riding a turd and crying at the sight of my vanished weed plants. Even Lark Davis the big shot crypto influencer was talking about that beautiful farm.

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WokeLadyBoss, yes this is who burned your plants and defunded the farm and replaced the farm with flying poops. It’s the DAO, they’re corrupt to the core. I appreciate you stopping out to play. I encourage you to follow me on youtube I’ll be porting the game either on steam, roblox, SOMEWHERE. I will try hard to preserve your plants and money if at all possible. It’s true Decentraland lost the #1 most advanced innovative parcels last night because of the DAO and corruption. I’m very sorry for their poor decision making and bad judgment WokeLadyBoss

Dude, stop already. We know you are mad because your money grab grant didn’t pass, but that’s not a reason to say everything is a money grab.

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Decentraland DAO Headquarters

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 85% 4,909,681 VP (27 votes)
  • No 1% 46,352 VP (4 votes)
  • Abstain 14% 828,387 VP (1 votes)

Why DAO use so many aliases Kyllian? Decentraland dead mall is what you get when expert developer working for junior developer pay is considered “money grab”. Let the record show you delivered 3 cubes for $1000 where I delivered one of the top games in DCL which is deleted because of the DAO bad decision making. Top influencers didn’t even think a land parcel could be developed in the way the farm worked. It was a proof of the platform. Now it’s gone and every software engineer in the world sees their profession is being attacked - working as developer for reasonable pay is “money grab” software should be made for free. You should not be making any kind of decisions with those 3 cubes.

what game did you do?