Pre-prop discussion: in-world DAO headquarters


Updated 1 July 2021 with full scene requirements
Currently this proposal is in discussion. I am working to get timeline estimates and commitments for the design & build before posting the grant proposal in order to increase the specificity of the proposal and the chance of it passing.


The DAO should have an in-world headquarters where users could participate in discussions, cast their votes in person, review proposals, and read all past DAO decisions. This public seat of governance would be open to all members of the community 24/7 and would host meetups, roundtables, town halls, and other DAO events.

The DAO should buy land for this purpose on the marketplace and commit and grant to a team/person to execute on the project.


  • Forum structure
    • Main forum amphitheater
      • Podium
        • Controls active proposal on display screen with next/last/next 10/last 10 or pick-from-list
      • Ascending forum amphitheater rows
        • Stretch goal: if your address has voted on the selected proposal on the display screen, it is reflected around your avatar
      • Main display screen showing a proposal
        • Stretch goal: displayed proposal title is painted around the forum, on the columns or around the top or something.
      • Screen streaming from Twitch or Discord
        • May need an external control app
    • Intro hallway
      • Book of all active proposals
      • Book of all enacted proposals
      • Book of all passed polls
      • Plaque/book about the purpose of the DAO and this place
      • POAP dispenser
  • Comments box/large chalice
    • Users can submit text comments and topics to be read at upcoming gatherings or during the current gathering
      • 256 character strings, loaded in a queue, sign to submit

Open Questions

  • How will chat and streaming be managed?
    • Multiple participants should be able to broadcast to everyone instead of a single moderator
    • Broadcast privilege should be manageable from within the scene, either spatially or through moderators

Art direction

  • Greek/Roman amphitheater vibe
  • Should reflect the still-emerging aspect of the DAO community

Implementation requirements

Scene state

  • Owned by websockets
    • Current (on-display) proposal
    • On-display comments
  • Owned by node API
    • Twitch stream link
        • admin panel - structure TBD
    • Current event
    • All proposals
    • All votes
    • Comment list
      • Get and post

Attached projects (for future grants)

  • Design and airdrop wearable toga NFTs to voter wallets who are also active in the world
Previous log
  • Week of June 23 - assembled discord discussion group for feedback and comments, contacted design & build talent
  • Week of June 17 - posted thread and assembled ideas from existing discussions
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Great start! I’d love to be a part of this as KevinOnEarth999 and I have discussed improving the Town Hall platform.

  • View proposals in world
  • Make suggestions in world for upcoming town hall
  • Have a stream dedicated to current town hall topics
  • Explorer other streaming / interactive platforms for stream & chat

Just a couple quick things I remember from our initial conversation since hosting the first few. Hopefully I can help in any way possible!

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Yes I think this is something we need, and great to put minds together on bringing a solid place for us to discuss the decisions that matter most to the community.

The items mentioned by Lastraum are spot on, and I think we would benefit from having some kind of reward system as mentioned, POAPs would serve well and flow into future developments if we wanted to create a ranking system. Maybe different color toga’s as you participate more? :smiley: Cool things ahead, thank you for your work!

Great updates. I think we can push to use the DCL Twitch for this stuff. We need to also discuss a better chat system. Doing it in world is awesome, but we can’t access on mobile. Discord integration into the scene will be great.

Yeah, I think developing a discord integration is a great idea, could integrate timers and position-based automute/unmute for speeches etc. Will explore this a bit, I’ve only built simple discord bots.

Getting close to writing this for a grant. Can you take a look at the work schedule below and comment on feasibility + what grant $ amount is appropriate @lastraum @FrankyNeedles ? Note that I am exempt from grant funds although I can contribute wherever (Node, SDK, modeling) to fill in gaps/start initial work.

Crew: Design & Development

  • FrankyNeedles

  • Lastraum

  • Trevor

  • As needed: Xeta’s build group

  • Advisory: Foundation art team

  • Advisory: Foundation SDK team

Work Schedule

  • Week 1
    • Block in layout
    • Layout blocks loaded into SDK
    • Node server setup w/ Twitch stream hosting
  • Week 2
    • Design & build to 50% complete, begin styling and decoration
    • Node server expanded to include persistent state API
  • Week 3, 4
    • Design & build to 90% complete, load into SDK
    • Webhook implementation for live state mgmt
    • Session admin panel + API updates
  • Week 5 & 6
    • QA, test town halls
    • Discord integration (second node server)

Grant level


This has been posted, go vote! The in-world DAO governance forum