Ideas for grants

Now that grants have launched, there is a backlog of community tools and initiatives that are looking for champions. Use this space to contribute ideas! I’ll kick it off with a few that have already been discussed.

  • Incentives for LAND owners to invest in their parcels
  • In-world DAO space
    A space for users to participate in the DAO while in-world. More details in the pre-proposal discussion
  • Metaverse Job board
    • The job board should support creator/developer profiles with direct links to Decentraland, escrow and bounty support running on Matic, and should burn MANA for job postings and pinnings.
    • Should support grant-funded jobs to increase the specificity of grants and reduce risk of grant-funded projects failing to accomplish their goals.
  • District governance tools
    • Talk with district leaders about a useful feature set here, likely support for simple voting, messaging, and event handling. Should allow an otherwise inactive contributor to get email notifications and easily participate in the development of the district.
  • Research into the possible evolution of wearables publishing with arguments from data
  • Proposals increasing the sustainability of Decentraland, such as developing solar power for catalyst nodes and creating carbon traps IRL
  • many more

Actually is a great idea. I think this should be prioritized. I think moving as much discussion, trading, and socializing to INSIDE the Metaverse is what we should be aiming to do. For the MV to truly grow, we should be able to do everything that we can do in 2D and IRL, yet amplified 40x.

In-game DAO HQ is a must for this.


Another idea: a “choose your class” site for the Decentraland creator economy that aggregates all the skills needed and resources to acquire those skills for scene developers, builders, wearable creators, streamers, token traders, etc. See Gitcoin’s quets program for lesson format ideas and stereotypical Choose A Class from MMOs. Funds should be set aside in the grant for specific wearables to be awarded to the first sets of people to complete a “questline” and contribute to the economy. The implementation of that is left as an exercise to the reader.

I think metaverse job board is a really good idea!

Some of the other ones are pretty interesting too :+1:

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