[DAO: QmUCpsd] create a loan system for minting wearables

by 0x6c4e416c3efdc912b5bb292c2a399c691ebb2e31 (flyingpig59#2e31)

create a system that allows users to safely loan mana to wearable creators in return for a cut of the profit afterwards. e.g. you loan 500 mana for a creator to mint an item and they in return give you 700 mana and a free wearable. Eligibility could be based on how many votes a creator gets in a discord channel for their wearable before it is released. Or there could be some sort of verification process that gives the creator a discord role and then if they fail to pay the loan back after they have sold enough to do so, the role will be revoked

I believe this would increase the number of wearable creators and therefore diversity of wearables and would mean grants wouldn’t have to be given by the DAO as much.

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I would suggest finding someone that will invest in a Decentraland Bank.

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Hit me up. If the project is good, ill finance it.