[DAO: QmaymSn] How about allowing wearable creators to mint and instead of paying 500 mana give 1 or 2 free wearable to the Dao?

by 0xd46a1da2aae4afc4a272dc3f28b2025ae9c18df1 (Dexou)

HI! I am sure I am not the only designer who can’t afford to pay 500 MANA for minting a wearable. Would be really nice if we can decrease the amount or mint and in return give away free wearables to the DAO.

  • Free wearable instead of 500 mana
  • Decrease min 500 mana to mint
  • Invalid question/options

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Thanks!! that would be great!
Here is my paul Klee unisex top
With a Deconstructed collar
Hope I get approved ,otherwise I hope I get some feedback to improve !