[DAO: QmWGqA4] Can i get donation of mana to mint name ? or make wearables?

by 0x846fc2e54474805bb8bf06a39830fbbb1811c17d (TJsaucier#c17d)

Hello my name is TJsaucier , i am a hip hop artists who is so interested in dcl and what it has to offer. I have been making music for over 10 years and would love to spread a positive message and spread the sauce !!! would be amazing to have a one time mana drop or something for decentraland users who log on daily and are here for community . Been playing dcl for a few months now and i love the community and oppurtunities that it allows . its just hard with not much funds to make things happen like even minting a name . just appreciate anyone to think of these proposals

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  • no

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I don’t really get why you should get a free name exactly?
Everyone else had to pay… What’s wrong with the modified guest name?