[DAO: QmVCKtf] Creator Onboarding Program aligning with Values of DCL community

by 0x78a6c93ce98dbdbd4ec0d1f6db17de9a6a4ae96e (NFTCreatorTours)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Community category be approved?


On-board and educate creators, brands and celebrities in fashion, or any other industry indicating an interest in the Metaverse and all it has to offer. Let’s show them Decentraland and help them understand what makes it a very special place and help them create vibrant and supportive communities within the DCL landscape! No one wants a cash grab, and I can provide a guided program of enlightenment into DCL!

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



INTRO: We are currently experiencing a flood of creators, brands and celebrities express interest in NFT’s and all things Metaverse, including fashion creators but also big brands and other industries. We know many want to enter the space- I am here to ensure they are expertly guided keeping DCL community values in mind at all times with the goal of providing an amazing value-added experience for their fans and supporters as well as our beloved community. Many do not know the first clue of how to begin and I receive messages regularly on all platforms that ask the question, can you help me?? I would like to solve this problem by providing an on-boarding experience that is easy to understand, exciting as well as tailored for them and enlightening in terms of what the community of DCL will respond to and embrace. Let’s create a space to showcase talent, encourage collaboration with the DCL community and feature any artist who is interested in putting their work in front of these high - profile entities, whether it be a celebrity, brand or influencer.

DEEPER DIVE: High-profile creators, celebrities and brands are coming, it’s just a matter of time. I am committed to easing the friction and helping on-board high profile creators in fashion, or other industries, brands, boutiques, celebrities, you name it, while always keeping in the forefront the values and sense of community that is Decentraland. I also want to encourage the creation of wearables for women in DCL! And I want to encourage kids and students who are fascinated by art/fashion and design, or even architecture to have a space to communicate and collaborate with designers and artists, and to find mentors in the space. This will generally start with a tour of the main POI in DCL, but it won’t be just a ‘tour’. It will be a tailored experience based upon their industry and goals; Gathering a network of our best DCL artist creators is an important step in supporting the DCL ecosystem. Essentially, a pool of professionals who are available and who want to connect with brands and creators. During the introductory tour, I will ensure celebrities and brands are visiting the places in DCL that will enlighten and show them what is possible, give them a sense of excitement and a sense of understanding of the myriad of possibilities and incredible value to both themselves, their dedicated fans and the DCL community. Community is my big emphasis and I just know the excitement generated will lead to projects and benefit the ecosystem of DCL.
I fully recognize that the NFT / Decentraland community cares deeply about creating value for the community and so do I! Let me help onboard those that are quasi-guaranteed to step into the space with or without us, ensuring a spectacular and value-added experience for all involved! To this end, I’d love to find a landing space in DCL to start our tours, and eventually hold mini-workshops, fashion shows, art shows, movie showings and conferences bringing creative minds together, AND to create a boutique-like experience to support and encourage collaboration between brand and our artist/creator DCL community.


Hire project coordinator(s) - Responsibilities will include Discord moderation and communication with clients.
Hire Website Designer, Videographer
Educate introductory tour guides
Any left over monies will be used for the Buildout of a space in DCL if we cannot find one, OR programs that will go towards education!


Astrid Pilla, Here’s my LinkedIn Profile! https://www.linkedin.com/in/astridpilla/
And my website about page: NFT Creator Tours
I’ve conducted docent tours around the Metaverse during DCL 100xArt Week, have volunteered with NFTs.tip s both on the Admin side and as a Clubhouse Room moderator, a writing contributor to NFTS.WTF, helped with several drops and am currently helping about 8 high profile NFT projects as we speak. I have toured high profile clients (musicians, BBoys, NYPL, movie production designers) throughout DCL. I have helped organize high profile speaker panels combining a clubhouse room, twitter space, screen share on Discord or zoom depending on clients location showing walk-though in DCL as well. Beginner education including how to set up a Metamask and safety/security. My favorite thing to do in my free time right now is to attend any DCL event where @category5music is playing!
I have an intimate understanding of the wants and needs of fashion creators after having worked in the modeling industry in Paris on the business/accounting side. And after a stint working on a team in support of the luxury group Kering and later co-creating a luxury medical practice, I understand deeply what is required to succeed in these high-end industries, AND the mindset of businesses in Europe. Plus let’s face it- DCL is a tour de force of a Metaverse! I look forward to creating relationships with those I haven’t met already in DCL!

Roadmap and milestones

In Phase I, provide introductory tours and fully onboard 3-4 either creators/brands/celebrities. Onboarding includes a drop and drop party in DCL. That is our goal between now and March 2022.

In Phase 2: Outreach to schools in the creative arts (think Parsons School of Design) and help with introducing them to the space, providing an eventual Student Mentorship program (Phase 2 by end of May 2022)

Phase 3: If I can find a space to host us, or if we end up being able to buy a space in DCL to create this: A “gift shop” type of experience after our very first tour! Featuring wearables and art we found along our tour. (Think: high quality Museum gift shop like theMOMA).

** LATE PHASE POSSIBILITY: Conferences and/or Events planned for the benefit of our artist/technical community and a DCL Kid Creator Fashion Show of all the wearables that came into the space during this time plus our Kid Collabs!! Get ready ladies and gentlemen, we want to show you what collaboration between kids/students and established creators can come up with !! (Planned for Q1 of 2023)

I’m so excited about the initiative and I truly hope we can receive funding to make this a reality. I know I can provide value for all involved and for the beloved DCL community!

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Hi guys! Excited to answer any questions about this initiative. Thank you for reading.

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