Pre-proposal Discussion - Code name "Player Wearables 2.0"

Decentraland accommodates 2 communities that need to be catered for. We have the NFT investors and creative community members. These 2 distinct groups have 1 major conflict of interest with 1 core element of DCL:

Player Wearables Design and NFT minting:

While player-designed wearables have recently been “allowed”, the licensing process excluded the majority of designers that are not affiliated with a development team. While there are reasons for that many community members are not happy with that creativity cap that is handled differently in other metaverses.

Here are the 2 main points of views:

  1. Designers/Creatives

This a decentralized platform and I would like to have the trustless liberty to design my own wearables without centralized gatekeepers.

  1. NFT investors

We would like to ensure a healthy economy in DCL and we do not want our investments in the wearables market to be diluted by an infinite supply of potentially low-quality merchandise.

Both groups have valid arguments and the current solution does not satisfy any of the groups properly. We do have an oversupply of player-created wearables that are unaffordable in fiat terms right now and at the same time, none of the individual designers really had an opportunity to create any wearables.


I would like to suggest that we allow for unlimited creativity in a similar way that we allow for unlimited creativity with the real estate builder tool and the asset packs that can be freely imported. We should allow anyone to create a wearable that they can wear themselves only on their character. However, should there be a desire to mint a tradable NFT collection of a particular design, a license must be purchased that is priced based on the 12-months rolling average sales price of a particular rarity type (mythic for example).

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

PS: There is obviously a need for more elaborations on this proposal so please make sure to follow @swissdcl as I will posting additional content on that over the coming days. At the same time please make sure to register your voting power here You will need to get it registered before a proposal is submitted to be eligible to vote so do not was any more time.

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Hi Swiss, I like your proposal, I also think its important to allow anyone to mint wearables.

Yesterday Matty showed on one of his DCLCore talks a new feature for DCL, currently in beta, to allow anyone to easily create a wearable using a builder.

To be able to mint them should be approved by the DAO (not sure if the creator can wear it without the DAO approving it).

Adding to that that DAO might not require gas fees in the future I think we are pretty close to your proposal.

Take into account that the last wearable initiative was open to everyone, not requiring any affiliation with the development team.

I wont recommend you to make a proposal right now, due to gas fees no one is voting. Would be better to wait for the issue with gas fees to be sorted out on the Aragon platform.

Eibriel, thank you for the heads-up.

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Hi Swiss great proposal couldn’t agree with you more with unlimited creativity. I think better approach for the wearables 2.0 proposal is making them programmable allowing creators/owners to lock up MANA, ETH, wBTC, and all other tokens inside the NFT like melting gold into jewelry. They could also be backed by compounding assets locked in defi protocols similar to Aavegotchi. These wearables with assets tied to it could become a status symbol on what staked inside like walking around with a 1 million mana hoodie. I suggest it should be locked up forever keeping the value in DCL and preserving creators work. The problem of over supply would solve itself. Setting any type of cost barriers for artists will attract less of them.

Hi Danny,

Very creative input. These ideas stuck with me. I will need to digest that first. PS> I have heard rumors that there may be something in the works that closely resembles some of the solutions in my proposal so let’s be a little more patient. Thanks a lot for commenting and sharing your highly interesting ideas

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