Allow users to mint buildings and create wearables and mint them as well

Proposal: Allowing users to mint their scenes and be able to design wearables that also can be minted.

Motivation: Currently, access to creating wearables and being able to mint those wearables is not a seamless process. The SDK builder is so simple to use and that concept should be implemented for wearables.

Additionally, users should be able to mint their building creations in a seamless fashion.

Background: Several other companies offer the ability to mint NFTs seamlessly. This is a logical next step for the Decentraland Marketplace.

Use cases: Any building designer or clothing designer would be able to explore their creating abilities on Decentraland and be rewarded for their actions in a Decentralized manner.

Currently, Decentraland’s biggest knock is that it is pretty empty. If people knew that in the Decentraland marketplace that they could design their own clothes and building, then sell them, it would make entrepreneurs flock to this platform.

User stories: As a builder/clothing designer, users will be able to drive creativity and benefit directly from their creations. It would also allow Decentraland to truly become the NFT playground like it is supposed to be.


Just to name a couple big issues that need to be resolved with the introduction to NFTs in Decentraland and other games: are they ERC tokens or are they minted on Decentraland? Where is the NFT’s asset being stored, off the IPFS? What if your token’s assets stops being hosted?

I really like the idea overall and have asked if it is something they are looking into developing at all. My stipulation would be that these NFT wearables can be worn in multiple games not just this one, I wouldn’t vote for a system where the tokens have to be minted strictly to Decentraland.

Can you elaborate on the process and identify which aspects are not seamless. Please. Which other vr companies offer seamless minting. Cryptovoxels/Sandbox?