[DAO: QmRfjkb] Open NFT Emote Loading/Minting in Decentraland to the Public, similar to wearable minting

by 0xa4244f6711052752e6bb0271bf17c756e6598406 (KevinOnEarth)

Decentraland has allowed us all to connect in a new way, and although the ability to talk, type, and discover in Decentraland has evolved substantially, we are still very limited in decentralized movements.

Currently, all movements (emotes) avatars can do depend on those movements (/emote tik, tektonik, etc) being added by Decentraland’s Development team. This prevents the “expressiveness” of the community from leading the charge and bringing amazing things to the ecosystem. As the wearable market flourished once opened to the community by removing the centrality of wearable creation/publishing.

Just as we have done with wearables, we should open nft emotes for creators to load their .fbx and other standardized movement files to be used by their avatars. This in turn would not only add a whole other dimension for creators to utilize, but it would also allow for additional revenues to return to the DAO from submission fees and royalties. This would add a new class of asset for Decentraland’s current and future users.

Importance of movement:
Science shows that a majority of how we communicate is through body language, and without allowing the community of creators to inject their creativity through that medium we are holding our users back in the very area we are trying to open to them; deep and meaningful ways to connect and communicate with others online.

Case Study to Demonstrate Feasibility:
Some barriers which have limited this from being a possibility is the access to movement data, which often is not very simple to access whether due to cost or proprietary reasons. For this reason it has been easier to have the movements hard coded, and as special surprises through the year.

With the expansion of uses within the web3 space, a new company MetaMoves has published NFTs which give the holder owner of the actual movement data, with standard files such as .fbx. They are already utilizing this to animate other avatars such as MeeBits, and the same could be realized for Decentraland Users. It would allow us to carry into Decentraland an important part of our identity. That goofy wave or dance move; if you don’t speak I may think you are shy, but if you stop moving… I’ll call an ambulance! Movement has a deep connection to being alive, let’s liberate movement and help Decentraland accomplish something no other metaverse has before.

  • Yes - I would like for the Decentraland Developement Team to prioritize building a UI/UX for creators to load in their own movements.
  • No - Continue to limit any emote creation/publishing to Decentraland’s own developers
  • Invalid question/options

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Is already planned for the 2022,read the manifesto of this year!


My thoughts on this are, it was mentioned but whether it would be open to the public as wearable minting is wasn’t clear. This is a proactive poll to demonstrate community sentiment in how this next NFT Emote feature should be developed.

Thanks for your comment!


Open NFT Emote Loading/Minting in Decentraland to the Public, similar to wearable minting

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes - i would like for the decentraland developement team to prioritize building a ui/ux for creators to load in their own movements. 98% 982,876 VP (40 votes)
  • No - continue to limit any emote creation/publishing to decentraland’s own developers 1% 5,031 VP (2 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 207 VP (2 votes)

Open NFT Emote Loading/Minting in Decentraland to the Public, similar to wearable minting

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

AFAIK, this will be implemented similar to wearables flow:

  • Minting will be open to the public.
  • There will be a publication fee
  • A committee will verify technical integrity and flags IP infringement.
  • NFT Emotes will be sold in the marketplace.

At the moment the dApps team is working on 3rd Party Wearables. I guess the nft emotes is next.