[DAO:4c2b914] New Emotes Feature

by 0x41eb5f82af60873b3c14fedb898a1712f5c35366 (theankou)

This is my first proposal which i was thinking to create for a few weeks already.
Sorry for my bad english, my grammar sucks >:D

So, first of all, let me explain the main idea: as we all know, currently Decentraland avatar have three default animations that cant be changed:

  • stand
  • walk
  • run

What i’m thinking about is to let people change this default animations to animations created by community. (Imagine that with this feature your character actually can use rollers animation with rollers wearables, or avatar even can float on ground instead of running with feets, this is perfect solution for wearables like wings / hoverboards from BTTF(Back to the Future)!!!)

To make this happen, this things needs to be done:

  1. Add stand, walk, run categories to be chosen while publishing emotes in builder
  2. Add option to select emotes from new categories and button that will let us use them as default emotes for (stand, walk, run)
  3. Add limitation info to docs (for example, this emotes always should be looped and have short animation (15-30 frames for example)
  • All range / height limitations should stay same as current cylinder limitations for emotes in builder
  • Animations that use some scale for bones should not be approved (this probably will cause some issues?)
  • Animations should not exploit/go underground

Looks like this is all that i wanted to say" idea itself seems fine for me and don’t see any issues with that, this emotes don’t affect anyhow to any experiences aka scene mechanics

Best regards, theankou!

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So into this idea, my only flag would be how to get this to Foundation? And would they even want to do this?

We’ve gotten push back for feature requests in the past, but a recent proposal is seeking to create a pathway for that, I hope.

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LOVE this, would be awesome to see. Let me know if I can help collect any info to support this from the Foundation side.

Just a heads up, you can also put new feature requests in the canny for the Decentraland Foundation to view.

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What ckb mentioned would also be my main concern. Is there a way to get in-principle approval before launching a grant for it?

this proposal don’t require any grants from DAO, this is just suggestion of an idea that for sure needs to be implemented if there will be enough upvotes :smile:

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ahhh ok cool good to know what the DAO thinks

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From what I’ve heard in recent AMA’s, this is already on the roadmap/in the planning.


This is great. The more we can do the better.

Hi theankou!

Thank you very much for this proposal! Its aligned with what we have in mind looking forward. Stay tunned, we are going to do a community exercise discussing a bunch of avatar features, including this one, to prioritize which ones have better impact.




New Emotes Feature

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New Emotes Feature

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Hey @olavra thats very nice! insanse!!! thank you for this good news!
I think great idea will be to add option or UI where can select different emotes that we have and mix them into 1 big emote that we will be able to play >:D imagine like your own mixtape but made from emotes!