[DAO:5a433cf] Add more Emotes on to the wheel

by 0x57d1721f6223eb434e20f5b4a88e494008ea0542 (peterparker#0542)

Right now we only have access to a few emotes in the wheel. Sometimes trying to change them the game will crash. The emotes are a fun way to interact with the community so it would be nice to have more access to our purchased emotes

  • Yes Id love more emotes in the wheel
  • No we dont need more emotes
  • Invalid question/options

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Maybe it’s time to reinvent the wheel :wink: this has been the way users interact with emotes since the day I joined DCL - could be time to think outside the box and revamp this entirely.


Maybe something like hold “B” and push any letter or number on the keyboard…
I’m sure we could get 36 emotes…
Quests unlock emotes maybe…


def good ideas! something added would def help the playfulness of the game interactions

I love the idea of adding more emotes to the wheel or a newly designed wheel. I suggest that you or a team figure out how that would get implemented, as I could see some push back without an implementation strategy in the process of escalation.

As I’ve seen, polls are best used to gauge interest. Normally I would vote invalid without a pathway, but for now in the interest of this gaining traction I’ll vote yes.


I love this line of thinking.

I’ve been obsessed with the Sword Art Online UI as of late. Been wondering if it’s actually possible to rebuild something similar in DCL.


1,000% yes not only are @PeterParker420 and @RishiGirl legends in the space i seen many people bring this up too. for those don’t know me I communicate primarly through emotes and anime gifs since that is my primary preferred method of communication. I think this will also help us lead the way in terms of peoples proffered platform of social media even in the web2 space since only text, vid and voice is limited. emotes and visual forms of expression = fuuuture!

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It might be time we start thinking of UI in 3D instead of 2D terms.

Might make it far easier for it to work in the long run.


This would be great for the feedback platform! https://decentraland.canny.io/

I think a sword art online wheel would be amazing, it could eventually show smart wearables and other items


Add more Emotes on to the wheel

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Voting Results:

  • Yes id love more emotes in the wheel 98% 1,476,247 VP (79 votes)
  • No we dont need more emotes 0% 0 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 2% 34,158 VP (7 votes)
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Add more Emotes on to the wheel

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