[DAO: QmcpmMz] Ethereum (L1) Wearables: A Comprehensive Proposal | Voting Power [Part 1]

by 0xdab85506424396fb090d84b64ad63b770d87c028 (SuperMANA)

For those who have been here since inception, or rather close-to, have had the unique opportunity to watch Decentraland blossom into the iconic metaverse platform that it is today.

The nascent success that it’s experiencing today wasn’t a straight-forward path, and many community members here can attest to that. The early roll-out of NFTs in Decentraland has had a grey cloud over it for a long time.
My proposal today will hopefully clear that cloudiness and restore the once prosperous NFT community back to its former glory, which will include righting a few mishaps that Decentraland, and now the DAO, had made.

Before jumping into the proposal, it is imperative to highlight these points of contention.

[Points of Contention]

  1. Decentraland, before the DAO, sold NFTs to the community, requesting MANA in return.

On the surface, this looks like a normal transaction; however, Decentraland’s exchange here was hostile as it never reward Voting Power for these NFTs, unlike LAND & NAMES, that were sold in exchange for MANA and hold Voting Power.

By doing this, Decentraland fully attacked the democratic abilities of the NFT Wearables community, suppressing them from holding Voting Power/NFT equivalent Voting Power to defend their community and promote their rights.

Furthermore, the DAO, highlighted this negligence by accepting Ethereum at a fixed $10 USD parity amount for the COVID Mask event. Here, they pegged the NFT price to USD and also did not accept MANA.

Those who were asked to purchased NFT wearables in MANA for the Halloween 2019 collection were hurt the most by this decision.

Majority of the collection was sold, not acquired via play-to-earn methods. The prices were as follows:

Mythic Items: 5,000 MANA
Legendary Items: 500 MANA
Epic Items: 100 MANA

The items and original address can be found here:

Upon the launch of this predominantly-purchase only collection, admins in Decentraland’s Discord “advertised” how to access OpenSea and buy these items set at the market price, which turned out to not be sticky.

  1. Developer/Admin/Foundation Member(s) of Decentraland sold their wearable NFTs to the community in exchange for MANA, often farming them before other community members could acquire them. There’s on-chain and YouTube history of this for the Xmas 2019 and Moonshot 2020 events.

To gain bipartisanship in this matter, I will withhold naming these particular members of the team for now and not share the recently curated Google Doc detailing the advertisement of wearables on OpenSea and Admins selling them to the community. Nonetheless, it is disappointing how certain individuals dumped on the community and rose to prominent positions within the DAO without any recourse or apologizing.

It is imperative to highlight this issue, as it showcases the poorly designed incentives that members of the team have to care about the L1 Wearable community, as many have sold a good portion of their NFTs, especially their earliest, most rare mints.

As an ombudsman for the wearables community, a resounding comment that has been made frequently is: “Paper hands are never rewarded, and the community expresses little sorrow in knowing that we had higher expectations of this project than those members of the project who dumped their NFTs on the community.”


Now that we’ve cleared the air on the points of contention, let’s jump into the proposed solutions.

  1. Grant Wearables Voting Power

A flat amount of voting power per each L1 Wearable is the simplest solution, as the devs have mentioned; even though, Decentraland’s unique property design for wearables complicates this.

DAO Weighting for L1 Holders:

According to the data I pulled from GraphQL (this data should be validated by the community), the distribution is as follows for rarity type:

Unique | 4 | 0.005%
Mythic | 984 | 1.224%
Legendary | 13,229 | 16.449%
Epic | 28,775 | 35.780%
Rare | 25,713 | 31.972%
Uncommon | 6,309 | 7.845%
Common | 5,409 | 6.726%
Total | 80,423 | 100.00%

We sit on the shoulders of giants; those who came before us. Under this premise, I feel that pioneers of Decentraland should be rewarded for their time and bravery. For those just joining the community, there have been many moments along this journey where community members have shared losses.

Voting Power should be assigned in a two-tier ranking system, in an easy to assign manner for the Decentraland developers.

With this in mind, I propose a two-tier Voting Power weight.
Being the first collection, the Exclusive Mask collection, stands out in this regard. In addition, since the Halloween 2019 collection was a primary-purchase only collection, which hindered the democratic of many L1 holders, this collection should also be in that tier.

Being that the Xmas 2019 was a bugfest, I also propose including this collection into that same standalone tier. Lastly, to be included, should be the MCH (MyCryptoHeroes) collection, especially after some of the collection was incorrectly listed under the Mythic background color, which hurt many buyers.

All four of these collections were minted in 2019. Please note the 2019 weightings coincide with prices that Decentraland charged for the Halloween 2019 collection, save for rare(s) which were not sold but scales with proposed mint count.

2019 Collections | Voting Power
Mythic/Exclusive Masks | 5000
Legendary/MCH | 500
Epic | 100
Rare | 10
Uncommon | N/A
Common | N/A

2019 Collections | Voting Power
Unique/Mythic | 1000
Legendary | 100
Epic | 10
Rare | 2
Uncommon | 1
Common | 1

As with all proposals, please provide constructive feedback.

We need to push forward as a community and this has been quite the gray cloud. I believe there’s a symbiotic relationship between adoption and a healthy, robust wearables market. We’ve listened to Discord admins incorrectly state that Decentraland slowed down because of gas fees. It’s time for the community to rally and restore faith in Decentraland’s wearables.

Let’s promote and push for the revitalization of these historical pieces of art in Decentraland and the blockchain space, before the next 10,000 opts for Meta as their only platform.


  • Approve Voting Power for Wearables
  • Reject Proposal
  • Invalid question/options

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This was not done by the DAO and this was an event organized by Binance.

You were never promised any voting power when you bought MANA, LANDs, Names or Wearables, I don’t see how it’s hostile.

Majority of the collections were given for free while events such as the launch, christmas, halloween, etc…

I decided to delete my initial response as in the end of the day, we already voted on allocating VP to L1 wearables which was approved but never moved forward on. We were promised some sort of feasibility study that never came, to my knowledge. We had 3 DAO votes on this. This proposal does cherry pick on some of the collections which I think is too complex. I just want some closure on this topic and an understanding how trustworthy the DAO process is. We voted, we reached the treshold, we were promised an evaluation. What else do we need? There are some questions around fashion show 1 and fashion show 2 stockpiles and China district wearables that may need addressing but other than that, all is pretty clear.

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Hmm, much things to consider here.

1- First and foremost we must distinguish which L1 wearables should be allocated VP. Should only the Xmas 2019, Halloween 2019 , MCH & Exclusive Masks be included or should it be all of the L1 Wearables?

My initial thoughts were that the user created wearables on L2, completely diluted/saturated & devalued all of the L1 wearables. Trading on L1’s almost came to an halt. But at the same time as one of the top L1 holders knowing that from this point onwards no new collections on L1 would be ever be minted. This model assured all L1 holders their unique value over L2’s in a sense. I remember like yesterday buying the Xmas 2019 & Halloween 2019 wearables on Opensea presale. These were all sold for Mana like SuperMana mentioned. 5,000 Mana for Mythic, 500 Mana for Legendary, 200 Mana for Epic & 80 Mana for Rare if my memory serves me correct. So it makes sense to have VP’s allocated to these wearables. But what about the rest of the L1’s? Is it fair to exclude these from VP just because they weren’t on Opensea preasale?

I can only draw these three solutions/options

A) Allocate VP to only Xmas 2019, Halloween 2019 Wearables, Exclusive Masks & MCH only

B) Allocate VP Tier 1 to all Xmas 2019, Halloween 2019 Wearables, Exclusive Masks & MCH & Allocate VP Tier 2 for the rest of the L1’s

C) Allocate VP to all L1’s without any tiers

Excellent points. Community needs answers. More than 6 months have passed since the L1 Wearables VP Allocation and Swiss’s Proposal have passed and saying it’s too complex to initiate this proposal because the L1 wearables are spread across many smart contracts is very lame and not acceptable.

I am confused The MCH Collection & Exclusive Masks were never sold for Mana nor on Opensea Presale so why should they be even included in VP Allocation. If you want to reward all the early users and holders perhaps the complete L1’s should be included. I find this very contradicting.

Thank you for this detailed proposal and dialogue. @SWISS @JasonX @SuperMana will you please join this channel for a working group discussion on this topic: DCL DAO

I can facilitate, but can not lead on moving this process forward.


Ethereum (L1) Wearables: A Comprehensive Proposal | Voting Power [Part 1]

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Approve voting power for wearables 1% 15,125 VP (12 votes)
  • Reject proposal 99% 1,071,216 VP (3 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Ethereum (L1) Wearables: A Comprehensive Proposal | Voting Power [Part 1]

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