Decentraland User Created NFT Wearables. What is the best MODEL?

My Thoughts…

Everyone can create wearables for free however there must be a fixed amount of wearables which can be created every year.

NFT Market activity has already slowed down across all platforms including Decentraland recently. User created wearables is an excellent way to bring many new users especially, 3D artists & designers to Decentraland.

Firstly one has to understand how NFT’s mint numbers work. Exclusivity, rarity, popularity, demand & trends. Is beeple’s 1/1 Digital art more valuable than his 1/100 today ? if so why?

What would happen if beeple starts minting 100,000 copies of all his upcoming digital art. This same case scenario can be used for all NFT platforms. At the end of the day there has to be a balance. Since Decentraland is a decentralised platform community really has to decide what happens next.

Few different ways how this can be done.

  • All new user created wearables to be limited to 100,000 Mint

Each user receives one copy from all new user created wearables for FREE until all of the 100,000 are minted

  • All new user created wearables to be limited to 10,000 Mint

Each user receives one copy from all new user created wearables for FREE until all of the 10,000 are minted

Both scenarios mentioned above will still require some type of moderation as not to copy/clone already existing wearables. There can be a yearly limit of these for example 50 or 200 per year.

For now I have excluded Mythic & Legendary wearables creations because it requires more time and thought.

Will keep updating this as we go


Wow, the community really put their thinking cap to work. Ideas are now flowing. One member suggested Glowing light effect from the current wearables to distinguish them from the new user created wearables.

Another user recommends Mana farming via wearables only available by the current wearables.

How about Founder status?

I suggested all current & existing wearables to to be permanently left on the Ethereum network whilst all new user created wearables to be elusively on Polygon (Matic) Network.

Whatever happens in the end I truly believe the existing wearables should be somehow far superior than anything else ever to be created. Early adopters believed in this platform and invested in it accordingly. I mean there has to be a way to distinguish these OG wearables on the blockchain as well as in game.

Whether it’s a glowing effect, staking mechanism or founder status or anything else current wearables have to be protected & separated from whats to come.

We are open to suggestions & recommendations. What do you think?

All scenarios are welcome



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Personally, I’m looking to mint a few wearables for companies I work for…
I don’t want to be denied a wearable because the limit has been filled with trash…
I think all LAND owners should be allowed to mint as many wearables as they want with a certain amount getting burnt…
I also don’t want to be going to these companies and saying ‘that will be $500’ per item especially because I’m promoting these companies for free…
I should be the target market for wearables…
Making wearables should be a luxury item like before…
I don’t want to see 10,000 a year new items…
Right now I know more or less all of the items and styles but that beauty will be gone in a week under the new system…