[DAO:7fc59ba] Starter (Beginner) Pack for 1st Time Users from our Talented Designers. Funded by DCL or Community

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (Ambassador)

This is just a simple idea to test the waters & receive opinions, feedback from our community.

Basically an incentive for all new users to try out Decentraland for the first time. This initiative could either be funded by DCL or the Community.

All that’s required is for wearable and emote creators to design high mintage nft’s and automatically drop them into the first time users wallets.

Collection name could be something like Welcome Pack. Some of you may ask, why not let them purchase from marketplace asn many L2 wearables & skins are already quite affordable. The answer is this creates another obstacle for new users, especially if they hadn’t purchased Mana, eth, swaps etc…

I am happy to hear your feedback.

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I do believe there should be incentives.

However, we should incentivize the path we would like new users to follow, and getting free wearables is not it. We want new users to LEARN how to navigate web3, the metaverse, crypto and our marketplace, buy wearables, become familiar with our wearable creators, invest in them, create their own wearables, and participate as much as possible in the Decentraland economy.

I would support a proposal that seeks to provide incentives for users to buy their first wearable, or like DCL curations and Angzaar are doing, for completing a tutorial on how to navigate, build or participate in Decentraland.

Real world example: I have seen so-called new users prey on the generosity of the Decentraland community by pretending it’s their first day in-world. I have seen community members offer these users free wearables, and when I look in their wallets, I find a load of stuff bigger than mine. We should be careful when offering free wearables to new users because we may be incentivizing fake participation.


It would be cool if there were some gamified first-time user experience quests that could award wearables, but I agree that just giving new users nfts isn’t going to create the stickiness that gets people to come back.


Thank you for expressing your valuable thoughts.

You are referring to tutorials. Given my past 4 years of experience tutorials don’t help onboard new users. However they are excellent for those new users who have already come in. The issue at large is onboarding new users. I am also not in the opinion that new users should be educated on Web3 & Crypto. Plus not all users be willing to create their own wearables.

There will always be fake participants. One way to eliminate this is by having high mint numbers. 100K, 1M for example. I would like to hear input from others also. How do we solve this problem? It has to be simple, incentivising, welcoming and accepted by everyone.

I do love the quests idea. There is a test quest designed by team where by completing, users are given free wearable & emote. Something like this is much better than free airdrop I believe.

You can have a look on the link below;


I like this
proposal so much. To many times people come and go in DCL because they don’t understand what DCL Is all is about. my vote is yes

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This is really cool. I just went thru and recorded a video. Cute wearables helmet and great quest. This was built by the foundation team?

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I found it on Github. chore: new tik and robot animation by dalkia · Pull Request #4907 · decentraland/unity-renderer · GitHub

Can you please share the video recording either here or on twitter please. TY.

Great idea, I give away a lot of free wearables to anyone who is new. I even send them to the ai like Viola because, hey, it’s just what I like to do. :joy: It’s also my way of supporting the original creators who made the items, which I think is just as important to help retain existing creators in the ecosystem.

To me it is about the interaction I have with the person, not just sending them free wearables. The most valuable asset we have here is the power of human connection, and that’s up to each one of us to just go out and talk and connect with people.

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I understand what a FTUE is.

Having worked in LiveOps game development and seen retention numbers improve as the FTUE was optimized, I would have to disagree with your blanket statement that well-made tutorials don’t help with retention.

Maybe the new user quest can just be “Find Canessa” and then a list of the 5 places they are most likely to find you :slight_smile:

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This is the current model in place and clearly it isn’t working. Forget everything you knew about traditional gaming, metaverse is a different beast. There are many obstacles beside username & password.

What is the current model in place that isn’t working and what does it have to do with the fact that there is evidence to support that a well thought out FTUE can improve retention?

Tutorials and there are plenty. :grinning:

I think you are confused about what I’m referring to if you believe DCL has implemented them and they aren’t working.

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Tutorials are not incentives. You can have millions of tutorials but that don’t mean this will bring in the new users. I am the least confused person here. Trust me.

Question is how do we solve this final puzzle piece?

The fact that you are talking about “bring in new users” when talking about a feature intended to improve retention would indicate that you do not understand the function of the feature we are discussing.

Advertising and marketing “bring in new users”

Once the users have entered the onboarding funnel, then you start measuring the impact of the FTUE and associated tutorials/quests.

We are back to square one. How do we get the new users to come in, in the first place. My proposal posted above is not about user retention or metrics. It’s about bringing them in through incentives to try out Decentraland for the first time. You are completely missing the point. Go back to top and read again.What comes before chicken or the egg.

Besides if advertising & marketing worked we wouldn’t be here discussing this topic right. :grinning:

Free wearables that only have utility in DCL are not going to add any extra incentive for someone to enter DCL for the first time.

You need some amount of familiarity with Decentraland before you have any reason to appreciate getting free wearables.

If the advertising and marketing were targeting the correct cohort of users DCL would be in a much better place when it comes to public sentiment, but that is mostly because it is advertising a half-finished product as though it is days away from being ready player one.

Giving away couple of common items isn’t going to have a meaningful impact on new users entering the ecosystem.

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Excellent observation and point of view. What do you propose in this case?

How do we target the correct audience?

What is a better incentive?

What would make new users familiar with the platform?

Who should we be targeting?