[DAO: QmeKvFx] Add "Search by Creator Name" drop down list in the marketplace

by 0x134de9bbd5782410d6ed17bf29576e0a39784332 (AO#4332)

Alot of creators are starting to build a name for themselves and starting to develop a following. For example, Michi Todd is well known as an amazing wearable creator. I think it would be useful to have a creator search drop down list that shows every wearable created by that specific creator.

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I think this is awesome! The creators bring to life their project as well as the designers they are creating for . I would propose this gets put into multiple categories. One to search the creator as well as one to search the designer/brand. I know we can look up wearable’s by name but it would be cool to see creator and designers categories.

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Yes agree but just a follow up of your example - Michi collab with so many people so those wearables by him could have been submitted by different wallets. This search function probably can’t work with only existing data, and we might need additional fields in all existing wearables to store who their designers are.

Voted yes.


@tomasu very good point. Maybe the wearable can show in both creators wearable page with an asterisk that says collaboration :man_shrugging:t2:

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Add “Search by Creator Name” drop down list in the marketplace

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Add “Search by Creator Name” drop down list in the marketplace

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