Community All Hands #4 - Unanswered Questions

*Questions have been answered 3 weeks ago and I (@Fehz) forgot to publish them in the forums. Sorry for the inconvinience

Community All Hands #4

Unanswered Questions

  1. Kim mentioned that our fashion week as been moved to September in order to be in line with irl fashion events.Will DCL be trying to collaborate with IRL events?
    IRL fashion events aligned with our FW are still to be confirmed. We are open to those opportunities and are in the planning stages now.
  2. Will buying names with fiat eliminate having to pay gas fees?
    No, gas is still paid but it can also be covered in the same transaction with the same payment method. E.g. I can buy a wearable (with its corresponding gas fees) with a Visa debit card in a single transaction. That is handled by the external providers (Axelar, Wert, Transak, and Moon)
  3. Will VR client eventually have hands tracking?
    For now, you can move your hands and arms using the controllers of the VR headset.
  4. Will Decentraland ever create a VR headset?
    Not from the Foundation, as we don’t have the expertise to build such a complex hardware. For now, the plan is to leverage other VR headsets in the market.
  5. Should Decentraland create a Daily Quest / Seasonal Pass that can be purchased for MANA ? Achieving certain quests could possibly earn back MANA and NFT
    Decentraland is all about UGC. However, we agree that overarching gamification mechanics would be beneficial to the entire ecosystem. The Foundation has been researching this topic and we are in the early stages of a platform-wide approach. If you have ideas for this, please feel free to submit the details to Canny.
    We also encourage creators to think about gamification, passes, and quests within their own scenes or collaborating with others to build unique experiences as well.
  6. How Decentraland team evaluates impact of Portable Experience in nowadays Decentraland world?
    The feature had a shy start when introduced back in July 2023, but now is performing better with new PEX (Portable Experiences) being released weekly.
  7. Recently, the marketplace has allowed using cryptocurrencies besides MANA, and even fiat to make purchases. I believe this decreases the utility of MANA 1/2 / It would be good for DCL to at least have some incentive for using MANA over other payment methods 2/2
    MANA is still traded under the hood, as the smart contracts that perform the transactions require MANA (either Polygon MANA or Ethereum MANA depending on the asset). So it shouldn’t affect the MANA volume, on the contrary, as it is easier to use, more MANA should be transacted. However, we could find other ways to incentivize the use and staking of MANA. If you have ideas for this, please send them through Canny.
  8. Will there be an option to have multiple audio streams playing at once?
    Yes, this could be possible. We want to be careful with multiple video streams though, because that affects performance a lot, but audio streams should not be a problem.
    Please take this to Canny where we can process all the Feature Requests.
  9. Will notifications be “in world” as well?
    Yes! That is the plan. Currently, there are Marketplace and DAO notifications. By the end of the current Cycle (#5), we will have Events notifications. Then the plan is to add email notifications. And after the release of the new client, introduce notifications in-world.
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