Metatrekkers DCL Community Zoom Transparency

For the past few weeks, there has be been rumblings, accusations, allegations, and overall noise about or against Metatrekkers, so we thought it best to host a Zoom meeting to address the concerns, questions, and feedback from the DCL community.

Some of the key discussion points and their responses have been summarized below:

  1. Did Metatrekkers vote on its own proposal?
  • No, we did not vote on our own DCL grant proposal
  1. Did Metatrekkers get any sponsorship prior to or during the creation or voting period of the proposal?
  • No, we did not receive sponsorship of any kind during the aforementioned time period.
  1. When will MetaTrekkers create their own DAO?
  • In approximately 1-2 months; we are shooting for no later than January 2023.
  1. Will Metatrekkers apply for a new grant in the future aside from the one submitted for Beattrekkers?
  • Yes, we may. I, Chris, as the founder of this organization and project, will try to continue to fund things out of my own pocket. Should my personal funds become exhausted, and there is belief in the project’s value, proof of concept, and desire/demand from the community, MetaTrekkers may have to. I shared this same messaging to the DCL DAO, and will be honest and transparent with the DCL community, as well. We are a project geared at bringing value and opportunities to the DCL &/or MetaTrekkers community. Anything we create or plan to will have these same goals and intentions in mind.
  1. Who is paying for BeatTrekkers?
  • Financing of Beattrekkers to date has been 100% funded by me, Chris Oniya, as I truly believe in DCL and the community. This is just the beginning of something incredible, and my goal is to continue build and create here! I am here to stay for the long run.
  1. Has MetaTrekkers received any of the grant money yet?
  • No, we have not received any funding yet. All funding will continue to come out of my, Chris Oniya’s, pockets.
  1. How did MetaTrekkers get so many VPs? We’re there any promises made in return for the delegation of those VPs?
  • MetaTrekkers has been delegated 1M Voting Power (VP) by the community because of the ongoing events and value we have provided in our time here. No additional promises were made.

With the grant money from the Beattrekkers proposal, approximately 96 DCL Community Members will be compensated, and Beattrekkers will be renewed for Series 2, which means there will be another 96 DCL Community Members, a total of 192 DCL Community Members, compensated. MetaTrekkers was awarded a $120K USD grant, and 192 DCL community members will be compensated from it.

Over 25 people attended the Zoom discussion ,and at the end, everyone came to terms. All in attendance are now at peace with one another. Our love for the community has helped us overcome this whole situation.

We all realized that there was some miscommunication, misinformation, and sometimes unclarity around certain things. We know that more than ever, however, that we are 1 community with a shared goal of building it and growing together.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear things up. I know we will all learn and move forward from this…TOGETHER.

For transparency, you can watch the whole Zoom session at the below link. :warning:WARNING :warning:: During the initial 20 minutes, trolls attempted to disrupt the meeting using racism remarks, playing loud music/making loud noise, interrupting with meme-like images, and displaying nudity. We kept all of it here to ensure we showed the raw, unedited footage.

You can also find the questions asked here: DCL Community Feedback for MetaTrekkers (Responses) - Google Regneark

First off, I would like to mention that I still remain here questioning this project as 1 of the 4 people who voted ‘No’ compared to the other 170 wallets who voted ‘Yes’ on this proposal. I am here, still not convinced that this money is going where it is supposed to be going. I put my own reputation on the line, which I do take very seriously. I care about Decentraland and it’s future, but projects with funny money like this seems to be, discourages people.

With that being said, Chris Metatrekkers claimed that he is not pocketing any of the money from this grant. However, the other night during the Decentraland Community Building Twitter space, he also announced that he will NOT be disclosing how much is going to each DJ. To me this leaves room to pocket some money since he claims to have already paid him.

Later I also had a public discussion with @ckbubbles. From that conversation, I believe she did the work and worked hard for her role in this. She also did mention the land was given to her as payment for something else. However, I still am not sure why Chris Metatrekkers would take on the role of doing this himself, if he couldn’t do it without CK Bubbles. I am now under the assumption that CK Bubbles intentions were pure in this situation.

As for the community, I suggest everyone to listen to the words themselves from Chris Metatrekkers zoom call. But below I will be bringing things to full light:

There was no need to ‘vote’ on your own grant, as you mention in this,

Yeah so of course you didn’t need to vote on this. Also how many of those 96 DCL Community Members did vote on this?

Meanwhile the proposal said this:

@yemel even asked @MetaTrekkers directly, but his comments as well as mine all of a sudden disappeared.

You told Yemel that this was a 1 time grant. @yemel can you confirm? since your comment was deleted? And everyone please go check out the comments - ONLY 7 comments are still there from what I can see.

Going back to what you said

Your initial proposal framed this as it was to help the DCL community, now it’s &/or MetaTrekkers?
For someone who is claiming not to be making money on this, I am very confused to what the intentions are.

The only intention I can think of is to make a name for Metatrekkers, which is completely fair, however, every act of deception you are doing in this space is unhealthy. I personally do not want this in web3. This is about transparency.

Is it transparent to mint out your own project? There were many promises Chris made dependent on Metatrekkers minting out. However, those promises Chris provided for those who minted his project, under the condition of minting out, has not received most of those benefits? Seems like a lot of promises not kept. But yet Chris cannot keep those simple promises to his own community and the Decentraland DAO wants to take a chance on his current reputation?

I am personally under the opinion, that this is NOT the kind of culture DCL wants because it becomes very discouraging.

Can you (Chris) provide the receipts or evidence for everyone you already paid?

Does Chris know these people in real life?

Not what I understood, but I wasn’t there. I guess listen to find out for yourself.

For transparency, you failed to mention that you deleted messages in our conversation that you showed on screen during the zoom meeting. Chris will you admit you deleted that message? “Really low?” Because in fact its very deceiving the way it currently looks, as if I was just shouting out prices. When in fact, you told me the original price was “Really low” then I made a counter offer.

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Someone helped me get this. I am guessing I am blocked from the comments on the other one.

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This is all bordering on clinically insane now… :face_with_peeking_eye:


Here’s my experience with Chris from Metatrekkers,

We’ve talked on twitter, Chris seemed very persistent on me delegating my VP to metatrekkers and on multiple occasions I said no. However over time he kept on asking me and tried persuading my decision by saying if there is a proposal that I needed to be passed he would vote yes. This was a red flag for me. As one of the early supporters/believers of DCL I want the VP to be distributed fairly. I don’t believe in favouritism when it comes to voting & proposals. If the proposal or the team are legitimately building unique experiences, onboarding new users, creating communities etc… I am all for it. I will support is 1000%. Even-tough I may have had some bad experiences with certain individuals, when it comes to what’s best for DCL and if I know it is good for DCL I will vote yes regardless of the previous grudges etc…

In this instance I don’t feel or believe Metatrekkers Chris is up to the task. The business model is confusing and there is no real documented roadmap, timeline or plan.

DAO team really need to look deep into each & every proposal to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.


@JasonX, thanks for sharing… I agree with all your points. We also need to set up a security and ethics committee for future grants being approved. I’m 100% for a decentralized environment, but we need to set up the necessary protocols when it comes to giving DAO grant money out to community members or NFT projects.


@JasonX Thank you for sharing your true experience! You have given me some things to think about.


This is just wild… Tudamoon has been transparent to everyone around him!! We were already told about his personal history… I don’t see how that is relevant to this situation and I don’t see how you think it’s acceptable to dox someone just because they are voicing their opinion against a DAO proposal!


I hope the community is taking notes… This is the courage it takes to go against the popular opinion and FOLLOW THE TRUTH…


We will continue to stand up no matter what :innocent:


Thanks @ALPHAALVES. I personally wouldn’t dox someone without their consent, but yeah whoever did it, they couldn’t own up to it because it was their first post and probably won’t dox themselves.

Doxing someone is a low blow for some people and can discourage some from participating in this, which is exactly opposite of what is best for Decentraland. However, I do feel like doxing oneself and showing your irl previous experience can help you with grants and other proposals in this space.

Their post shows how out of the loop they are on things because I already said this stuff publicly in the Community Building Decentraland Discord on Voice Chat with 10 other people there. There’s nothing to hide on my past. I try my best to be an open book, but frankly who cares. I am a nobody right now.

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This whole thing is a joke. DCLExpose is also a joke. Some random nobody hiding behind a no nothing name doing no nothing work.

It’s sad that this is where we’ve come. I wish I had something better to say but as Cheddar said, this is bordering on clinically insane now.

Too much emotion and not enough work.

If there are still issues after the AMA then the wrong questions were asked. Going back to my corner now. Have fun.


Hi @JasonX

Thank you for the feedback and apologies if I gave the impression of being too persistent. I know my passion can come off as pushy, at times, and this is something I am working on improving. I am not perfect and am a work in progress.

I believe you are a visionary and leader in this space and someone I am betting on long term. Because of this and many other factors, I respect your feedback, any guidance you may share, and the projects you help with or spearhead. I still stand behind supporting your proposals should they provide value to DCL. From the discussions we’ve had on Twitter, I strongly believe you are an innovator and one that will bring many amazing new ideas to Decentraland. I wholeheartedly believe in you and your vision, regardless of your decision to delegate VPs, and, again, I would still, to this day, vote for you 100%.

Once again, I appreciate the feedback you’ve provided…not just on me as an individual, but also for MetaTrekkers and our projects (e.g., BeatTrekkers). Sorry for any unpleasant experiences. I will continue to learn and improve upon myself. Take care and have a great week!

No need to doxx each others or post your personal life, please keep it on topic.


This is good feedback. Thank you for sharing.

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