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This will be my last post

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Ok i really shouldnt do this but hear we go

I am not investing this is free advice if you find it helpfull and would like to setup somthing in the future contact me at mayhem.v01@gmail.com

The way that your current thinking and the way that the interworkings are you belive that exclusitivity makes it worth more

While this is partially true it is not the entire store

While the land being exclusive is the correct call

The way that your current system works only land owners can contribute this will 100 percent lead to failure

You need to allow the average user to log in with an email and nothing more without needing to link a wallet to thier account enless they want to buy or transfer mana

Then you make it so mana earned in game via events or getting payed for work etf things that in a normal game youd get money for think the sims but real people

This payment goes to the account that is linked to the email address

Then make it so this account can buy stuff from the store using available funds and link it it this account it can be done

This allows the average user to now earn money in game from doing somthing tjen turn around and use this money to buy somthing which in turn will bring in alittle extra as some will then get a wallet just to buy extra stuff

Ok thats sales and ease of use taken care of along with drawing in more money while also alowing to cash out if they really want to otherwise keeps it in world what you want to happen

Ok now you need to also make the builder and sdk the same thing and take it out of the browser and relese a windows mac and linux version id suggest a debian package system

With the build you need to take and add a file browser along with a text editor and link this to the real time you already have

Think builder on one tab advanced editor on 2nd tab preview 3rd tab

What you do in text shows in 1st tab when you click it think unload in text and reload when back in 3d

Ok so now you have some decent offline tools anyone can use

Now make it so every person the opens an account get a 50mb to 100mb world to start with then if they want more they can add more for a small fee

Make these world avalible and shown in game

Have a new spot just made

also have a best spot most users in a week

And have a long term best spot most users in 6 months

Now anyone and everyone can come aboard make somthing that people can find in the new area and if good will be show for awhile till somthing better comes along

So now anyone can also make money from advertising etc this goes to the basically locked wallet attached to their email account

Untill they link a wallet then it can leave to the outside world but baring this everythng should be able to be done from within

Ok now anyone can be found and make money and spend the money they have made

Then hold a contest after all this is done the best 25 win 10k mana

Now you have a chance of bringing in people

And now that their is an economy the land is worth more with people wanting to setup a headquarters as a hang spot to all their world and for the fans

Or an in game shop or event like concert etc

The larger the economy the more the land is worth

And just like in the real world you will always have undeveloped land

Just make it a forest untill someone puts somthing there then leave it alone you will have run down old buildings thats a fact any world has after 100 year it can be reclaimed at the earliest or mabey 500 years would be even better

Call them historical

Thats what needs to be done if you want any chance at all of surviving long term good luck and best wishes

Now as to my above im not saying i wouldnt love to have an investment in this project

But not enoff of me to go around and i get to pick one place so currently checking out others as the way everything runs currently this would be a wasted investment and since im not invested

This will be my last planned post and this is what i deleted

Hey Mayhemv, thanks for taking the time to explain your views and suggest a strategy to build and compound Decentraland growth.

Decentraland has recently introduced Worlds, introducing the ability to any DCL NAME holder to build on their own isolated space. We are discussing in the DAO to open it up to all ENS holders too. This should lower the entry barrier for creators by a lot.

Decentraland Foundation and the DAO could provide their LAND in Genesis City to showcase the best work of creators.

Decentraland believes in empowering individuals to control their digital lives through open protocols and infrastructure. I believe we should maintain our identity system based on web3. We could make it way easier and postpone the need to connect a wallet until you really need it in-game. We could provide a delightful experience for web3 users and newcomers.

Decentraland supports a provider called Formatic, which creates a web3 wallet attached to your email. This could be better integrated into the UI flow tho.

I would love to see more grants in the DAO to create camps in Decentraland providing value to the visitors, accepting volunteers, and compensating the best ones with MANA. E.g: The “Free Walking Tour” camp guiding people arround, The “Paparazzi” camp that covers events and takes group pictures, etc.

Also, distributing MANA or VP to users just for being online is an interesting idea. However, the main problem in implementing such a strategy is avoiding cheaters. With the wrong economic incentives, we will end up full of bots.

This project is called Decentraland Editor and it’s builded on top of Visual Studio Code. It lets you code and preview the scene directly from the IDE. The new version is coming shortly and will continue evolving over the year.

I like this idea, I would like to see this as a community-run project funded by the DAO. Any creator with a DCL name can build and deploy a world that is accessible with the explorer.

I love the idea of a forest for empty parcels. Reclaiming lost land is a topic the DAO addressed a few years ago and decided it was too soon to open up the door for “expropriating” land.

Sorry to see you go, you are welcome anytime.

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Tje editor is a joke and should not be built on vs which also show you didnt bother actually reading my post

Creating a virtual wallet and attaching it to a user who only uses an email then if they connect a wallet an auto transfer happens to theirs is exactly what i mean by lowing the entry to signing up

The fact is you keep saying web3

But 90 percent of whats there is just a click to web2 which opens up a shit load of opertunitys to infect someones pc

So stop spouting web3 as the way everything is setup most of the time you are clicking threw to web2

Worlds is a set in the right direction but your still think about it all wrong

The value of land or minting a name does not come from needing it has to happen becouse people want to not need to

So untill you make it where anyone and everyone can jump in and build then show it off this project will fail

And honestly between here and the sandbox you may have already created such bad publicity not only has it already failed but future projects are dead on arival for a bit as no one trusts anything with metaverse attached to it

And they really dont give a shit a out web3 anything most dont even know what it is