Remove friction in avatar name registration

Motivation: Im seeing people not registering a name because the gas cost, moreover there are 2 transactions to pay apart of the 100 MANA. Owning a name is one of the cheapest ways to feel kind of connected or involved with decentraland, but not really cheap and easy to do for most people nowadays.


  • Don’t require MANA
  • Better UX for newcomers, pay and go… credit card 3rd party solution with direct MANA conversion … ?

Anything on this topic? I’m sure it has been talked already, and I know Im not bringing a solution, but it would be good to know / discuss about it.


Completely agree with this, felt it myself, didn’t want to reg a name due to high gas prices

Could dcl not just integrate with a payment processor? let people pay for the name reg by card?

Or even allow like a starter pack to be purchased? like you pay $15USD to get a reg name and x MANA. If this was payable by just a card payment it might lower the barrier of entry