Newcomer starting off with a few questions

I have been in Decentraland for about 5 or 6 hours currently. Great game, but i have found limited tutorials or help docs. The FAQS on the main site still lead me with a=unanswered questions. Thank you in advance for any answers.

  1. When trying to deposit or transfer MANA into the game, or even stock my metawallet with ETH i am hit with ridiculous gas fees. (tried to put 30 in and they want 19 in fees). So far the fees alone discourage me from depositing money. In my crypto experience LTC is easy to convert and cheap. Is there any tricks or tips recommended when depositing money without paying 85% in gas fees?

  2. I have gathered that land owners have clever ways or games to play for you to spend mana. Say i have a good idea, am i able to use the builder to create an object/scene/wearable, and then sell it to someone who has land to implement it?

  3. In general i am having a hard time getting started, the only location beneficial to me currently is the wonderzone mine, which i quickly ran out of coins for. Is there any other locations i should be visiting as a noob?\

  4. Land parcels can only be purchased, and not earned? I see there are about 90k of them, they are all purchased and owned?

  5. Last one, I have earned several POAP badges, none of which show up when i run my wallett address through Is there something i am missing to claim these? Or should they automatically be sent to the wallett once quest is completed. I have completed 3 quests, and cannot see rewards anywhere.

I know i ask a lot of questions, any partial help or answers are appreciated. Looking to become a long term player.