Web interface and builder other glaring problems

New here no real vote or say but i cant belive this has not been sugested

2 things number one incorperate the sdk into the builder

Wouldnt be to hard to incorperate the builder and sdk together and drop VS

These 2 shoukd be one package that can be ran offline

I dont know why no one ever added the ability to manage directors or do simple text edditing to files from within the builder and make the builders a downloadable program not a browser interface

Rather then having the builder and sdk seperate

Number 2 make it so that a webpage link displayed on a screen does not open a new browser but opens a window within decentraland

Otherwise what exactly is the point of redirecting everyone to the outside when they can just as easily and faster type it in to a browser this is a huge fail and oversite

It is also one of the biggest complaints and why your not keeping new users engaged

The other main complaint is a lack of core gameplay

You all have the social aspect down but thats all there is and most people just go hang out with friends irl

The living in a virtual world is not here yet and wont be fore some time

What vr is right now is a niche crowd so you need more none vr things to draw people in

Pretty much all of the current metas have this same problem these just not enoff people with vr sets

Iv got 3 quest quest 2 and rift none have been used in 6 months takes to much time to setup clear the room and get it set by the time im ready the kids need somthing

This is life

Look at projects like rec room to see why they have over 10k a day while this has 10k a month on a good month

Not hard to see the problem is in content you just dont have enoff games for people to get hooked on

And the games that are there are so grindy trying to make money they are no fun

You really dont have anything thats fun just to be fun

And thats a huge miss that will lead to failure

If you really want this meta to be great stop trying to make money and start just making stuff for people to enjoy the money will come

Most take huge losses while they build a consumer basis only being viabke after a few years

And the fact is you should be building to draw in users not make money as user spend money on skins etc which then makes the mana and land worth more the vaule is in making the game grwat so that land and mana value goes up

Not making as much as you can off of people as fast as possible

Anyway sorry to be a hole well not really as most mistake honesty and being straight with how it is with being an a hole

Hope all is well and everyone has peace love and harmony in their lives

Peace im out