[DAO:a698f4c] DCLPanel: let’s take events to a next level, 100% free, Open Source ( and also *HIRING*)

by 0x664eabe08871a7b7f13ade88bc34605ed5eaeae6 (Tobik)

Hello, community. I see a big part of the community working on games, and while I think it’s great, I think we are missing one of the most important activities: events.

The thing with events is that there is a lot of potential that can be unlocked but we are most of the time doing the same thing: a streaming screen and a musician. And if that was not enough, we also enable auto-dance, one of the most (in my opinion) pathetic implementations that it’s just another way of faking interaction.

How is possible we have this 3D environment where we could allow tons of interactions, and all we do is stand in front of a screen? It makes no sense.

There are multiple reasons why this is happening: one could be that some people are too comfortable to innovate and the other one is that it’s extremely hard from a technical perspective if you are not a developer. Believe it or not, there are multiple events that are being hosted by non-techie people, using the builder.

With this idea in mind, the point here is to basically create a web panel where ANYONE can manage his land and create different narratives through interaction. It needs to have a bunch of features integrated such as teleporting, spin wheels, streaming, and more.

It also needs to be modular and let anyone create their own plugins. Also, we need to make sure it’s possible to install it using the builder (through smart items) and needs to be 100% free and Open Source so anyone can install it on their own server. But: I would also like to publish a hosted version on my website just to make sure it’s accessible to anyone who doesn’t know how to host it. In that sense, the DAO needs to cover all the server costs of this too.

I think we can start with 6 basic tools: teleport (you can teleport a player to specific coords inside your scene), message (to display an announcement in the middle of the screen), spin wheel (this could be useful for giveaways or to take random decisions), countdown (to enable a countdown inside DCL), screen (to manage a screen inside DCL) and a poll so people can vote.

After we achieve this basic stuff, we add more stuff:

Discord integrations with your DCL scene
Controlling lights inside your scene to make a show of lights that could be awesome with a DJ
The possibility of extracting the chat of your scene and adding it to your stream so you can also display it on Twitch/YouTube.

There are tons of things we can achieve. And by making this 100% free and idiot-proof, we should be able to convince almost everyone who hosts events to start using it.

If a feature cannot be integrated due to Decentraland limitations, we can also find developers who push code to GitHub, but in general, the vast majority of ideas can be implemented right now.

Now, how do we pay for this? using the DAO. I already have enough contacts to make it pass, I just need to create a team who wants to build this. Everyone will get compensated, and at the same time, we improve this platform a lot.

This is also can be a good precedent for doing changes through the DAO and not waiting for The Foundation to solve them.

There is no need to create a business model here, the money will come from the people who host events. By making them better, more people should stay here.

I need people interested in collaborating (developers, mostly) >>>

A good thing is that most of the features I want to add are scattered across multiple GitHub repositories.

P.S.: sorry for the hiring clickbait, it’s partially true.
P.S. (2): It should also be possible to give access to your personal panel to other members. Maybe we can also implement a permission system where you can create roles so another user is only allowed to spin the wheel, for example.
P.S. (3): one last time: 100% idiot-proof, free and Open Source.

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go go go :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: feel free to disagree or give feedback!

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also: if you know people who are interested and capable of joining us, tag them here!


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As a non coder I’m all for it . I’ve spent to many years struggling with the sdk to make things work in my project :sweat_smile:

Would also be nice to have those features separate from each other as code plug ins so we can use them Into our existing code base .

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yep, I totally agree. 100%

i think creating this as a library, which so far as I have seen is an underused but extremely powerful tool, would be a better jumping off point.

The problem with using the builder for anything is that’s it’s deprecated and hasn’t received updates for a long, long time - so a lot of the current functionality of the SDK just doesn’t work there. Better to try to merge this into DCL-Edit or DCL-Connect – ideally whichever of those are opensource – afaik both projects aspire to replace builder functionality (i could be wrong about dcl-connect, i haven’t checked in on that in a while)

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I tend to agree more with this . A library of such tools (complementing the existing one ) would be great for mid size projects like sugar club for example.

But for starting projects the builder is the place to go as well . So a development on both sides is needed actually.

This is a panel for non-experts. It follows the #No-Code trend, so I don’t think goes in the same direction as DCL-Edit. DCL-Connect also has some complexity and will be Open Source as long as the grant exists (correct me if I’m wrong, that’s why I understood from Patmacs). And yes, it also should work with the SDK.

I think that DCLPanel needs to be Open Source or at least offer an edition that is 100% Open Source and free. Maybe some add-ons can be charged if it’s required so the DAO doesn’t have to sustain it forever. Right now charging money is not a priority since my point with this project is to improve DCL events.

The good news is that by making all this noise we already have some developers interested in doing a prototype. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m open to hearing any feedback and this project may change from this initial post.

Also, I think this is more like a kit of ‘tools’ rather than something to build things from scratch.

for sure, i’m not saying it should be sdk-only, i get the idea that this is aimed at non-technical users. I’m just saying that the builder might not be the most viable way to achieve this since it’s not maintained, so it might be better to first create a library with the tools you want to have, then merge into an existing project so you’re not starting from scratch - i believe DCL-edit is trying to move in the direction of having their own non-technical / GUI tool and this could maybe harmonize nicely with their roadmap (correct me if i’m wrong @Camilo)

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great, I will take it into consideration.

thanks for taking the time to give me feedback, really appreciate it.

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Hey people, don’t worry about this proposal. I’m just using this poll feature to get feedback and people interested, I won’t create any governance thing hahaha

I love the ideas. Especially the light show. I also think that we need some different types of events. My brain swims in the stupid things. Well not all of them stupid. I wish I could help with this but not my area. If people want some new events however…

DCLPanel: let’s take events to a next level, 100% free, Open Source ( and also HIRING)

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DCLPanel: let’s take events to a next level, 100% free, Open Source ( and also HIRING)

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Hi @Tobik, I am part of the DCL Edit team and creating a no code GUI is in our roadmap. We will have a no-code version for dummies and an advanced version for techies :slight_smile: Happy to connect with you about the DCL- Panel we can definitely make it a reality!

Lets connect on Discord @Tobik , this is my username: Camilo | MGH#9102