[DAO:089bd34] Should The Foundation or the DAO Host a "Welcome to Decentraland" Onboarding Event

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Should The Foundation or The DAO host a “Welcome to Decentraland” onboarding event?

We have done and continue to do big events with big names meant to bring people into Decentraland. Before the MVMF 2022 the discussion amongst the residents of DCL was about doing what they could do to retain those that came for the event. (It would be nice to see if there are some sort of results somewhere on that but not what this is about.) No matter who funds it this will ultimately require a large number of those currently in DCL to help make this a success.

What do I mean by “Welcome to Decentraland?” This is meant to be an onboarding event on a large scale. When DCL was first constructed The Foundation had to find a way to draw people into DCL. I propose we have an event similar in some ways to what they did (at this time I am not sure what all occurred) and new ideas to make this an exciting event that will have people coming back. I’m imagining Devs and Coders hosting some building classes. Wearable and Emote creators hosting some, wearable and emote classes as well. DJ’s hosting some music classes. Streamers hosting some streaming classes. Gamers hosting Gaming classes. I hope you got the idea now.

Here’s an example:

Building Decentraland - a 5 day course where you will be shown how to construct a (Insert a structure that can be done in that amount of time). Each day a new topic with Q&A showing new and current users how they can create builds within DCL. By the end of the 5 days they will have hopefully created their first building.
The same with the wearables and emotes. DJ’s can show other musicians how to DJ in the metaverse, how to promote themselves and at the end of the 5 days, they perform for us. I would love to see 2 - 1hr courses maybe each day to accommodate different time zones.

We would work closely together and make sure that DCL Brasil and Arabia, Germany, China etc are included and have courses for them. Perhaps language courses as well.
Something like Canessa mentioned in the CBD Space today Dec. 14, a greeting in different languages with arrows and instructions directing them to a location in the Plaza with the events in their language. We’d have a few people in the Plaza to help answer questions.

This would be a workshop of sorts and could also lead to ideas of events for a future convention. There could be prizes for the best new builder or wearable creator etc. If we show them they can build IT, they will come and now because they know how, they will stay.

Did I mention that hopefully people would donate their time to help make this a success for those new to DCL and for ourselves. All would equal land sales, wearable sales, more events. A budget and possibly a committee to put this together would have to be made but with all of us pitching in we can keep the costs down to a minimum. Fun had by all and best of all, We Build a Better World, Together!

I thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to ask questions, I don’t have all the answers but maybe someone else will know what I do not. I appreciate all constructive criticism and welcome it.


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I can see this… I like the idea of a 3 day event similar to MVMF but instead of music and party stages we’d have auditoriums… with all the great partners of DCL teaching stuff focused on onboarding new users, builders, artists, investors, etc. Decentraland can also have their own auditorium with stuff all related to navigating and maximizing the platform.

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Thank you @CheddarQueso for being the only one to comment and for seeing the potential. The big name events may bring people in but not necessarily retain them. This would be designed to bring people back to complete courses and gain skills they could use in Decentraland with what I believe would be a higher probability of retaining them. Alas, none who voted no or need more info did not provide any insight as to what they feel is needed to make this a reality. So we will continue to do things the same way with the same results. Maybe doing it for free was the problem? IDK.

It happens… sometimes good ideas are not a priority or overlooked by much bigger issues… which the DAO definitely has right now. Don’t let that discourage you from participating and bringing forth your ideas. Much love.

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I think this is a great idea, but I wonder ab the one time thing.

Since new users will not know when a new user onboarding will happen, as they all join at random times, I think it would be great to have a sort of welcome or tourism place for new users to interact and learn ab DCL and all the wonderful things inside. And maybe events for onboarding from time to time to could happen or regularly.

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You have some good ideas here. It appears to vague, general, and unfocused for me to vote for it. Instead I voted, “Needs more info”. I agree that something needs to be done. Perhaps many would agree with that sentiment. Instead of tossing out what “could” be done, propose precisely what you intend to do. There’s no specific ask and for that reason I think people are not compelled to even comment.

Will it be the Foundation? This is the DAO and unless you pass a governance proposal that states the Foundation must do a thing, there’s really no other way to compell them to take any specific action. That leaves a grant proposal. Many props that have onboarding as their main goal don’t get much traction these days. It’s difficult to provide actionable data on that kind of activation.

@Bokkeh had a good idea with the use of referral codes. That way one could track the number of ppl approached and how many showed up and how many of those stayed for an hour, day, week, etc.

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Should The Foundation or the DAO Host a “Welcome to Decentraland” Onboarding Event

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Thank you for the feed back. Much appreciated. It is something that would have to be marketed towards new people. I feel that if people know it’s an opportunity to learn the tools to create in DCL it would be more appealing and keep them. Other events could of course be added.

Thank you @AwedJob. It’s not entirely detailed for one, I just wanted to know if it would interest people or if they thought it has potential. Of course people would have to be approached to see if they would do some of these workshops for free or not, who would design the builds and get with the different communities so a lot of planning that I’m not ready to dive into if people have no interest or do not think it would work. This was more or less to find out if it was something worth pursuing or not.

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Oh and I think you actually mentioned POAPs as way to monitor attendance and new wallets. I agree with that and would get those out. Possibly have a contest for the community to design one.
The grant proposal is one i wanted to avoid as much as possible because of exactly what you said about onboarding ones and lack of actual data to determine the numbers. This is why I mentioned the Foundation possibly running it but don’t know how that all works.

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