[DAO:557c82c] Decentraland Sports Events in Hong Kong

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Should the following $15,400 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


HK Web3Sports is dedicated to organizing Web3 sports-related events.
Our mission is to unite communities through sports activities, fostering stronger connections and promoting healthier lifestyles among individuals in the Web3 industry.
By prioritizing physical activity and social engagement, we strive to create unique and impactful events that bring together like-minded individuals and create lasting connections.

Grant size

15,400 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Why us

HK Web3Sports organises monthly sports meet ups with Web3 project owners and individuals. Our events are unique since they include different sports like Running, Muay Thai, Surfing, Football, etc. We have been organising events in Hong Kong and our groups are only growing every time.

Why sports

Nothing bonds communities better than sports. We see it in both professional and amateur sports. Sports not only give a feeling of belonging but also promote a healthier lifestyle while forming meaningful connections in a less stressful environment, foster stronger relationships, build trust and improve mental health, productivity, overall health and well-being.

Our events are also less overwhelming as an entry point for people interested in Web3 than the usual, more formal events and we are seeing almost 50% of attendees being their first ever Web3 event they attend.

Why Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has recently legalised cryptocurrency retail trading, which added to the low tax, the strong financial system and the lifestyle of the city, makes Hong Kong a prime spot to rapidly grow its numbers of builders. The proximity of China and their huge Web3 community is another point to have in mind and a migration of builders from mainland China to Hong Kong is already happening. We can expect Hong Kong to become one of the most important Web3 hubs in the world in a short period of time.

How does Decentraland benefit

By becoming the sponsors of these events Decentraland will achieve a unique position in a very young, rapidly growing Web3 community in Hong Kong. Our events are also perfectly positioned to welcome newcomers to Hong Kong since they are very casual and a great way to not only learn about Decentraland but to meet other Web3 folks and rapidly become part of the community.

Our events always end up with what they call in Rugby “third half”. After our activities there is time to chat, meet the others and present the projects that have sponsored us. This “third half” can last from 1.5 hours to a whole day hence reinforcing the ties between the participants and making them a lot more responsive to project presentations.

The Chinese Web3 community is specially interested in NFT and Metaverse projects which align perfectly with Decentraland’s views.

A showcase of our past events can be seen in our website: https://hkweb3sports.com

Roadmap and milestones

Our intention is to organise a meet up every 3 weeks approximately.

The grant will help us fund events for the next 4 months or 5 events.

We expect to reach 100 attendees per event in the next 2 months.


  • August → Successfully organise and execute a ‘Surfing the Web3’ event with an introduction to surf delivered by professional coaches, drinks, a barbeque and a presentation of Decentraland. Expected attendees: 50

  • End of August/Beginning of September → Successfully organise and execute a ‘Bubble Football’ event with drinks, dinner, DJ and a showcase of what the attendees from the previous event have built on Decentraland. Expected attendees: 70

  • End of September → Successfully organise and execute a ‘Paintball’ event including drinks, food and showcasing how Decentraland can help the existing projects the attendees already have built. Expected attendees: 100

  • The rest of the events are yet to be organised depending on various factors like weather conditions, venues availability and our own community preferences.

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I’m sorry but I can’t visualize how doing IRL sports-related events in Hong Kong every 3 weeks is relevant at all to the Decentraland community.

Thank you for taking the time to submit this proposal. How exactly does this really benefit DCL?

Let’s say that based on your basic algorithm you would expect 140 and 190 for the remaining two events. That would be 550 attendees spread over 5 events. You are asking for $15,400 which would mean that your 5 events would cost an average of $28.00 per attendee? Of those attendees how many would you expect would translate to a new DCL user?

Realistically this portion of the day would be on the shorter side as attendees tend to get bored around these topics especially after a day of fun in the sun. Even if DCL was the ONLY sponsor then let’s say that you discuss DCL for 1.5 hours x 5 events = 7.5 total hours that would roughly cost the DAO $2,053 per hour for you to promote DCL.

Sounds like a fun time, but IMO DCL DAO funds can be used in a much more useful way. I am voting no but would be open to changing my mind with a better understanding on the true benefit to DCL.

Hi there! Thanks for the comment.

By having periodic events people belong to a group. We see a lot of familiar faces in eery meet up we organise. If Decentraland was to sponsor them they would essentially become the ‘Decentraland’ events. They are obviously very different to any other events happening in Web3 at the moment and they are a lot of fun. People loves them.

By becoming the ‘Decentraland’ fun events, Decentraland will get very well positioned in the HK community which is growing very fast hence having a bigger user acquisition than formal events where most people only go for free drinks ( I plead guilty ).

As I was commenting below I am more than happy to change the proposal to 2 or 3 events instead of 5 and then see what the Decentraland community thinks of them.

Thanks for the comment. Some very interesting questions you asked and Ill do my best to reply.

You are asking for $15,400 which would mean that your 5 events would cost an average of $28.00 per attendee

This is a cost including all equipment, coaches, photographer, food and drinks. It is hard to adjust it more but solutions can be found like not offering food or having only water/juice as drinks. We have planned all our prior events with a bbq style meal afterwards.

Of those attendees how many would you expect would translate to a new DCL user?

This one is hard to answer. In our last event, last weekend, CryptoConnect asked the attendees to check their dapp and drop comments in the tg group, we saw ~80% of people responding. Drop System gave away NFTs and a similar number of people connected their wallets ( but these were exchangeable for free beer so not sure if it is relevant)

Realistically this portion of the day would be on the shorter side as attendees tend to get bored around these topics especially after a day of fun in the sun

On the contrary, this is usually our longest part. People loves to meet the others they have been sweating with gathering around some food and drinks and they are much more responsive to product showcase since they are feeling ‘happy’. There is music, a bbq, drinks… Again, I can only show examples. Last weekend we had a run from 9:30-10:15am on a small island, some people left at 12pm but the majority stayed until 3pm. The event before that, a coastal hike ending at a beach at 12pm, we stayed until 5pm although drinks were not included. On our last ‘Beach Tennis Tournament’ people stayed until night time, this event started at 1.30pm, we had a DJ, a bon fire at the beach, etc

These meet ups become a day out meeting other folks and not just and in and out kind of event. The community also sticks together and we see familiar faces every time hence becoming a group of friends gathering around different projects.

I am more than happy to change the proposal to 3 events instead of 5 or even 2 and then take it from there if the Decentraland community feels that is a better option.

Videos and photos can be found in our website

This is an excellent proposal, and if feasible, I would be interested in participating as well.

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Vote: NO

Sounds like you have a really fun group of events. Nowhere in your proposal do I see a plan to get people into DCL or even help them log in. This DAO has already paid for boondoggles that have promised large audiences that the organizers were going to expose to Decentraland. It’s a lot harder and takes more time than a handful of 90 minute meet and greets.

Show me how this isn’t just a drain of DCL DAO dollars to fund a couple of parties? What’s the value add for DCL? Exposure? How will you quantify that? What’s your metric? How will you determine success? What is the ask for the attendees? What is your leave-behind? Will people who go to the parties get anything that persists and links them to DCL?

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Thanks for your comment. Always happy to discover how can we help. How can we get in touch?

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Hi there! Thanks for the comment.

I totally understand your worries. Let me explain.

It is not so much about user acquisition but user retention. By having constant exposure in events that as you said, are lots of fun, people gets to know about Decentraland. Obviously after a day out doing some sport people is a lot more responsive to hear and listen about a project.

By being part of a group that regularly attend these events and talking about Decentraland in the group people ‘belong’ to it, therefore will be a lot more inclined to use Decentraland than other similar services. Similarly when a % of your group is using Decentraland or holding MANA you are more inclined to do the same.

This system of acquiring users have been a lot more successful than just having isolated events with the logo and a talk because there is no follow up. People go, have their drinks, half listen to the panel and off they go to the next event. What we are forming here is a Decentraland HK group that sticks sweats together and sticks together.

There a couple of examples that I know of using a similar formula, one is Nouns and the other is Cosmos HK. Both very successful.

Would it make more sense to resubmit the proposal with 3 events and then show metrics to the community to see if it makes sense? I would love to hear your opinion and how we can improve it

That sounds interesting. I would be glad if you joined our Discord server to engage in further discussions about collaboration

this is our home page

I think this is something that we need and it sounds great. It will be a hard sell so I hope you do resubmit with a lower budget. I see that if a group of people hang out together often and a topic is discussed and hyped by a member that most people will go and look further into that topic and a number will also participate. (Decentraland community comes to mine with the most recent VipeIO hype). I believe a trial run is totally worth it and would love to hear how many people come try out DCL because of these events.
Can you provide a link to the NounsDAO where you say they have done something similar? Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. It makes sense to have a shorter trial period, what do you think would make sense, 3 months? 2 months?

Also adding this extra info in case it is not clear how this proposal benefits DCL and becomes educational.

  • We bring people together that bond over fun sports activities and become part of a closed group, like a family.
  • In the tg group all the tweets, medium articles, news and development from DCL are shared ( they can be translated to Chinese too although Im unsure how much value this would bring tbh since mostly everybody speaks good enough English )
  • DCL becomes the center of discussion in the tg group gaining exposure
  • The HK Web3 community is very dev heavy meaning that if those builders are exposed to all the DCL info they will be more inclined to, at least, try the services.
  • At the next events people get to know each other, exchange ideas and discuss about use cases, implementations and their experience using DCL. This is only natural since DCL is the other piece of the puzzle they are bonding around. New members obviously get pull into this conversations hence DCL gaining more exposure.
  • New members start asking questions and looking into DCL. Builders using the services ask about blockers they might have and brainstorm ideas, helping each other with blockers they might encounter.

I do believe the concept would bring exposure, user acquisition and educational value but of course, I would love to hear the thoughts of the community especially in 2 areas:

  • Is the concept good and I should resubmit the proposal? If so, how can it be improved to serve DCL better.
  • If you believe the concept is just not good enough, why do you think so? In my mind this concept can only grow over time, but I could be biased

Thanks everyone in advance for your suggestions.

This is the tg group for Nouns: Telegram: Contact @NounsRunningClub


I wish I could give you an easy answer. Something like this people are most likely just assume it’s money for you to throw a party. I checked out your website and it seems professional and legit by the way. A lower amount may help some, but as @AwedJob mentioned it would be a good idea to include some plan of educating the attendees on Decentraland. As another person mentioned to me, just the wallet aspect of it all is daunting and I agree so showing them how to do that so they can enter is another starting poing. Something else that may help is if you have a location in DCL perhaps offering to stream the event there or hosting some events and even attending events and getting to know the community. Showing you have an involvement in DCL and a stake in it in someway is always a plus.

Wish I could be more helpful. I do hope someone finds a way of getting one of these passed someday. I think it would be great IRL advertising if nothing else. Then we can have at least an idea if something like has potential to really do some good but until we take that risk, people will just make up there own minds that it wont.

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Thanks for the kind words.

Streaming of the events might be difficult to achieve since we would need several cameras and people handling them. The events are not static. It is a great idea though and I will brainstorm on how we can make that possible.

The idea is to educate people about Decentraland in a less direct way and do it through messages after the events while leaving people brainstorm and exchange ideas during the event itself. This is a way to make the events more engaging and less overwhelming to newcomers. We could say it is a bit of a Montessari way of education.

Once you have the community, phase 2 is to encourage them building in DCL, host building meetups, have competitions, host specific meet ups about one aspect of Decentraland, have virtual real time brainstorming and building sessions, etc. Once there is a community the possibilities are endless.

I also do hope something similar to this passes some day since I see big potential. I will most probably resubmit with a shorter trial period and rewording some parts to make things more clear.

Decentraland Sports Events in Hong Kong

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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