[DAO:89ff7be] Community Spirit Poll: A Proposal for Attending In-Game Activities

by 0xb5f4ebcc5a90e58d953ee9e64e365c2468f31f51 (GoldGuy)

Should the paid members of the DAO and foundation be actively involved with the community, really getting into the thick of things? I’ve heard from some of you that quite a few of these members are more often found in Discord chats or group talks rather than supporting our community events and activities in the world. What if we kept a record of the time they spend in the world or at events? It could be a brilliant way to show that we’re all in this together and help unite our community. I know some of you work incredibly hard to host fantastic events, and I think it’s vital that the DAO and foundation recognize the amazing creators we have here. Let’s make it happen!

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I would just be concerned that parties can happen when people are sleeping. I have heard often that people miss the events because they are not in their awake periods. Might create a disadvantage simply based on participants’ physical location. My second thought is if there were less arguments and debates in Discord then maybe there would be more time to attend the fun stuff. For now, the vote is invalid, but I appreciate your thoughts around community spirit.

While I agree there should be a presence in DCL on occasion, I don’t feel it should be made mandatory. It should be encouraged to show support, involvement and a sense of belonging otherwise it does feel like, what motives do you have for wanting the changes you want to make?

Although I agree that members of the DAO and foundation should be well informed as to the user point of view, I’m afraid requiring them to be in-world may not be the best way. A couple of months ago I was in a zoom call with foundation and we talked about my experience as a user, how I feel about the platform and my unique pain points. I think this is a much better way for them to get a feel for the user/creator experience.

Are we aware in which ways and how much time the team is currently spending in-world?

I can attest that, many times, I would love to be at an event, but I am busy creating content, editing videos, or building in blender, all of which have to do with working in DCL. I think their time is better spent where they can contribute the most and hanging out at parties or playing games may not be it.

I would be ok with requesting that the team attend at least one event per month, or better yet… that they host DAO town-hall, AMA, and attend Testing Tuesday events! That way the time they do spend communicating with the community can be spent in the fashion we all expect other users to join…

It’s preposterous that we expect more users to hang out in-world, but we don’t even host our most important events there.

Individuals employed by the DAO are primarily responsible for fulfilling their designated job roles. Drawing a parallel, consider the scenario of working in a traditional office environment, where participation in social gatherings, colleague gatherings, and customer events is not mandatory but is rather optional for contributing to community building. This same principle applies to those engaged in roles within the DAO.

In our consideration of this matter, it is imperative to uphold the rights and entitlements of workers. It is reasonable to anticipate that employees will focus on performing their assigned responsibilities, aligning with the scope of their contractual arrangements. The absence of an employee’s participation in events hosted by the DAO or the broader context, such as DCL, should not be regarded as an issue. The primary objective is to maintain operational momentum, with employees dedicating their attention to their professional duties during their working hours.

It is vital to acknowledge the personal and professional boundaries of individuals. If expectations extend beyond the core job functions into non-work-related events, it could inadvertently infringe upon their personal lives. Employees have commitments outside of their employment, encompassing familial obligations, secondary employments, and individual pursuits. Valuing and respecting these commitments is pivotal as employees manage their time and priorities judiciously.

Community Spirit Poll: A Proposal for Attending In-Game Activities

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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