Need to bounce some ideas

Hi Community!

Let me start by telling you, that I see awesome potential in Decentraland.
However, barring a few projects, I am not seeing engaging areas, where people would like to spend time. I guess, new projects and time will solve this,

I have a proposition, but I can’t find a way to contribute to decentraland. Im a vfx veteran. but I’m not a coder(well not at an super experienced level, just workable), and I don’t have a team.

My proposition, is VR experiences. Inside a plot of land, or well designed building. Think movie theater inside a mall. It’s whats inside the theatre that might pull people.

My proposition also has a question. How do we make sure that;

  1. the users who go inside, own a vr headset
  2. The delivery link will support the bandwidth of an equirectangular video!(Equirectangular is the defacto standard for 180/360 VR videos.

I have a use case that is a step ahead of this stage. But it is not implementable unless we are absolutely sure of the current use case possibility.

I need a team, maybe some mana, maybe make some money in the process. But my biggest incentive, is to become an early adopter of Decentraland, as a creator. Maybe make my real life friends, colleagues and family members proud in the process. Because there are so many potential applications, for which Decentraland might be used on a daily basis by millions of people around the world!!

Please, help me out.
Thanks in advance.

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That would be a really cool idea!