[DAO: QmPWH75] Update existing VR and AR experience creator/builder to support Decentraland

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Decentraland can benefit from an immersive builder and viewer that empowers people to easily build environments and create interactive experiences within a VR and AR headset.

The developers of Byldr (https://www.byldr.app/) are requesting a grant to enable Byldr to create experiences for Decentraland and for it to be used to experience Decentraland in VR.

Byldr is a free, no-code immersive app and scene creation tool that is currently available for the Quest 2 and HoloLens 2 headsets. Having launched in 2020, it currently has over 5000+ downloads and has been used to create VR games and enterprise-grade applications. The Byldr team is excited to bring more VR and AR capabilities to Decentraland for a fully realized Metaverse experience.

Grant size

220,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Byldr’s creators believe that the future of computing involves the movement away from traditional 2D screens and towards immersive, 3D spatial computing. As of this writing, Decentraland is a 3D metaverse that ironically can only be experienced and built through a flat, 2D screen. Byldr was created for AR and VR applications to be created using AR and VR headsets rather than 2D PCs, thereby getting humanity one step closer to a mixed reality future. Byldr’s developers seek to further expand this progress by enabling creators to build experiences for Decentraland using VR and AR headsets. This allows creators to feel the scale of their creations while creating it, and accelerate the speed of creation using Byldr’s intuitive hand-tracking interactions and spatial tools. Creators will be able to see or preview their creations in-context within Decentraland using Byldr. This means that Byldr may also be used as a gateway to experience Decentraland using the Quest 2 and the HoloLens 2.

The Byldr development team is excited to bring our trusted immersive creation experience to Decentraland and would like to thank everyone in the Decentraland community for your support and the integral part you play in building the XR future for all generations to come.


Byldr’s development team proposes to integrate with Decentraland in the following ways:

  1. Allow experiences and scenes created using Byldr to be exported to Decentraland.
    Byldr will be retooled to be able to export creations built using Byldr into Decentraland. After a user has created an interactive or static experience within Byldr, the user will have the option to export that experience to Decentraland, including where the experience will be placed. Users will also be able to edit or update these experiences after being published. Byldr will be updated to tightly integrate with Decentraland with the goal of making Byldr feel like a native extension for building Decentraland experiences.

  2. Allow users to experience Decentraland using VR and AR headsets. Although not the primary goal of this grant, re-tooling Byldr to create experiences for Decentraland will also involve the ability for users to experience Decentraland in AR and VR through Byldr (similar to how users can experience Decentraland through a browser such as Google Chrome on a PC.) It is understood that other parallel efforts are being made to enable VR support for Decentraland, so this project will focus primarily on content creation within AR and VR. That said, if these efforts by Byldr allow VR support for Decentraland to come sooner, it will be a win for the Decentraland community and provide additional means/devices to experience Decentraland (Byldr currently supports the Quest 2 and HoloLens 2 headsets.) We understand that rendering the Decentraland experience on mobile-grade XR devices like the Quest and HoloLens presents it’s own set of performance challenges. The Byldr team intends to utilize several XR optimization techniques to allow for Decentraland to be a performant experience on a mobile XR device while minimizing quality loss (compared to running on a PC browser with a dedicated graphics card.) Some of these techniques may involve more aggressive culling of faraway objects, using mobile-optimized shaders, distance-based level-of-detail (LOD) rendering, foveated rendering, and other techniques.


The Byldr team comprises:

Sean Ong (Team technical lead / manager)

Stephen Clarke (Management)

Ketan Kapila (3D modeling/tooling)

Derek Bolton (Management)

Varun Siddaraju (Technical project manager and senior developer)

Clint Campbell (XR developer)

Paul Gumpert (XR developer)

Cole Astaire (Technical artist)

Clinton Reddie (XR developer)

VeeRuby Technologies (Byldr’s development partner)

AppVolks LLC (Byldr’s development partner)

XR Dev Studio (Byldr’s development partner)

Collectively, Byldr’s team members have over 100 person-years of XR development experience. Additional information on our company, team members, and partners can be found in the links below:

Roadmap and milestones

The Byldr team will report progress to the Decentraland community on a weekly basis and will monitor the project’s forum closely for questions or to provide updates as needed.

The proposed project will be completed within 6 months based on the following milestones and timeline:

January-February 2022: Retooling Byldr logic system and 3D model support for Decentraland integration.

March-April 2022: Initial, limited export-to-Decentraland functionality. User account integration. Initial ability to view creations in context within Decentraland in AR/VR device.

May-June 2022: Initial public alpha and beta tests expected. Testing, bug fixes, user feedback collection. Full release of Byldr with Decentraland support.

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This is an exciting proposal indeed! I have worked on games that support both the Quest and HoloLens. However, I’m a tad bit Hesitant to spend that much money on a project that seems to leave behind the Vive and the Index. I realize this isn’t just my funds, but the DAO’s.

Does anyone else have something to weigh in on this?

That’s good feedback. Expanding from Quest/HoloLens to support Vive and Index (via SteamVR) is much easier than the other way around, because performance is far less of an issue on PCVR compared with mobile VR. If there’s enough interest for PCVR, we’ll certainly add that to the plan as well.

My understanding is - this isn’t going to affect Decentraland’s client; it’s a third party tool that will allow creation of scenes in VR for Decentraland. Which is cool, promotes the game, and will give us insight to how these scenes might behave in a VR setting. Problem with this is, who then maintains the code of Byldr when the codebase of Decentraland changes? We might be able to accept legacy scenes, but then Buildyr gets left behind. Is spending this much money for this want we want?

Personally, I haven’t used HoloLens since 2016, and I do prefer PCVR. But I am but one cog in this machine. I can see how this can ramp up hype, but are we this far that we need that kind of hype yet? Perhaps it’s too soon for this? Our userbase is already expanding daily. This could promote people to create more content, which will expand the project further (Something we need), but since the client isn’t already VR integrated - it’s just a tease for what is to come. Not to mention, the way Byldr uses VR and the way Decentraland could differ enough to make Byldr obsolete when VR is integrated.

I don’t know myself I’m on the fence with this one. I would like to hear more people weigh in on this.

Those are all great points for consideration. We believe that the metaverse is a major part of the future of AR/VR, and I personally think Decentraland is going to be a major player for the future of the metaverse - which is why we’re looking for Byldr to embrace Decentraland. As Decentraland changes - the plan is for us to closely track and keep up with Decentrland updates. We consider Decentraland a robust enough ecosystem that, when combined with our traditional revenue stream (AR/VR enterprise app creation), and future investor funding - future revenues will allow our dev team to continue Decentraland support within Byldr. The Byldr team is betting on the future success and maturity of Decentraland. Happy to discuss further and flesh this out more as needed.

Update existing VR and AR experience creator/builder to support Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 9,097,632 VP (33 votes)
  • No 1% 4,500 VP (1 votes)

Thank you very much to the entire Decentraland community for your support and passage of this grant! I’m extremely honored and humbled for the overwhelmingly positive support in favor of this grant. Our team is eager to get started on this project. I’ll make a post in the Decentraland discord as well regarding next steps. I’ll be monitoring this forum closely as well for any community questions and to post updates. Thank you!

A brief update on progress so far. Our team is deep in preparing Byldr for Decentraland support. Some preliminary VR explorer work has also been in testing, feel free to see this short video clip: VR Decentraland early test - YouTube

We will share a more formal update towards the end of this month, and will continue posting updates in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

Update existing VR and AR experience creator/builder to support Decentraland

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You have no idea how much this is going to change how we make content! Are there any updates?


I’m very excited about this development as well, also interested to see an update.


Thank you! We’re posting updates in the DCL DAO server, you can join here: DCL DAO


I am referencing AR House a successful AR/VR co-living space sponsored by Niantic the creators of Pokemon Go. The 240,000 DAO will create a space to develop community around these surrounding technologies. The platform is only as spectacular as the creators driving it.

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Just checked out all the updates!!! im HYPE! you guys are doing amazing work and I’m even honored to be this early!

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Since I submitted this proposal, SOLANA has launched a cohort for LAUNCH HOUSE with the same model for a co-living incubator to start THIS MONTH. Just so you all are aware.

Quick update that new updates are being posted to the official update section of the grant page, and won’t be posted here in the forum. Thanks everyone!