[DAO:f63aabd] Continued Maintenance of Decentraland VR Cleint

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Should the following $69,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


In this updated grant proposal, the Decentraland VR client team seeks support for essential maintenance and occasional enhancements. Following two prior submissions that fell short of the voting threshold, we have revised our budget request and focused on maintaining the VR client’s functionality amidst Decentraland updates. Our primary goal is to address any bugs and ensure seamless operation, while using any remaining budget for minor improvements. We appreciate the community’s feedback and are eager to contribute to Decentraland’s immersive and accessible metaverse, fostering growth and opportunities for global citizens.

Grant size

69,000 USD

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address




In May 2022, the community approved a Decentraland DAO grant, enabling our team to expand the DAO-funded Decentraland VR client. We achieved significant milestones, including making the codebase Android compatible and porting the VR client to run natively on Meta Quest.

We brought the PCVR and Quest VR clients to parity with web/desktop versions, integrated screen UI and pop-ups into VR, and enabled in-game interactions with VR controllers.

In-game Interactions

Our team made stability improvements, developed a new VR UI, and addressed bugs and incompatibilities. The final deliverable, Decentraland VR, is available on SideQuest store: SideQuest Store

In this grant proposal, we aim to maintain and improve the stability of Decentraland VR clients, addressing issues that caused them to stop working and ensuring compatibility with Decentraland updates.

Proposed Work

We outline our proposed activities, focusing on maintenance, bug fixes, improvements, and keeping pace with Decentraland updates.

  • Maintenance and Stability: We will maintain the VR client, resolving breaking issues and synchronizing with main Decentraland branches. Our commitment includes improving performance, increasing frame rates, and reducing crashes and bugs.

  • Automating Updates: Our team will work on making the VR client automatically adapt to core Decentraland project updates, minimizing the risk of breaking changes.

Final Remarks

We propose to concentrate on maintaining and enhancing the stability of the Decentraland VR client in this grant submission. We are honored to be considered for a DAO grant and are eager to contribute to Decentraland’s immersive, accessible metaverse that empowers citizens worldwide with financial opportunities and a vibrant economy.

Roadmap and milestones

April 2023

  • Maintenance & Stability: Begin the process of maintaining and improving the VR client’s stability.
  • Progress Update: Share an update with the community on completed maintenance tasks and improvements.


  • Automating Updates: Start working on making the VR client automatically adapt to core Decentraland project updates.
  • Progress Update: Communicate the progress made on the automation of updates, as well as ongoing maintenance efforts.


  • Bug Fixes: Focus on resolving any outstanding bugs and improving user experience.
  • Progress Update: Provide a report on the bug fixes implemented and the overall stability improvements of the VR client.


  • Performance Optimization: Work on optimizing the VR client’s performance, including frame rates and loading times.
  • Progress Update: Share details on performance enhancements and any other maintenance work completed.


  • Testing Automated Updates: Thoroughly test the automated update system to ensure seamless integration with Decentraland updates.
  • Progress Update: Report on the results of the automated update system testing and any additional maintenance.


  • Finalizing & Documentation: Wrap up any remaining maintenance tasks and prepare detailed documentation of the project.
  • Progress Update: Share a comprehensive summary of the project, including achievements, lessons learned, and recommendations for future improvements.

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Hello, thanks for proposal. As I saw already 460 000$ have been taken for this project in previous grants.

Maybe its a bad timing but i don’t see any VR vibes in DCL, low engagement in this topic.

What results and stats project has achieved?

How to make project economically and technically autonomous ?

How much grants you plan to apply this year ?

What would be average every year costs to maintain this project ? Could you please show the long-term roadmap of the project?

imo self-voting for your own grant is not the acceptable practice.

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Is there a way to edit out the spelling error in the title of your grant? I’m trying not to let that first impression influence my vote. Thank you :slight_smile:

Dont think its changeable haha but got to admit it hurt my eyes tbh :laughing: :sweat_smile:

+1 I support a continued maintenance program for the VR client, so that it keeps up to date with any changes in the reference Decentraland client

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I am divided on the VR client proposals. Is140K/year for basic maintenance and occasional features a wise spend? Is there a roadmap for bringing VR client to full fruition? How much should something like this cost? I don’t believe I am experienced enough to make this kind of decision and would appreciate some input from any community members with more knowledge on the subject. So far I feel like we have spent a lot on VR client without much direction on what the end goal is and how we plan to maintain it. Is everything open source?

I just realized i voted no, unintentionally changed as soon as I noticed xD

Continued Maintenance of Decentraland VR Cleint

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 80% 4,902,060 VP (138 votes)
  • No 20% 1,293,389 VP (33 votes)

Hi Everyone, thank you for your support and the passage of the grant proposal! The team and I are looking forward to diving back in. We’ll be posting updates here on our grant page. For regular updates and trying out test builds, head over to the #vr-client-decentraland channel in the Decentraland DAO discord at this link: https://discord.gg/PpNPPW6Xxq

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Continued Maintenance of Decentraland VR Cleint

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbfa6d24e6a061e9aea3447163fdfe045177dd40e)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x3E6f03E807371fbD65589fdC8dac27D48bF62d75

Looks like I’m unable to post the July 2023 Monthly recap. I’ll post it here in the forum:

July has been an exciting and progressive month for the Decentraland VR Client team. We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the user interface, prioritizing usability and intuitiveness in the VR environment. Our focus was not just on improvements, but also on ensuring consistency and accessibility across both PCVR and Android platforms.


  • UI Enhancements: We’ve made notable strides in updating UI elements for optimal VR behavior. This includes a revamped NavMap that functions seamlessly in VR and corrections to the Explorer menu.
  • Login Improvements: Users on PCVR can now choose between using an internal or external browser for logging in, thanks to newly introduced UI elements.
  • Unified Downloads: We’ve successfully centralized PCVR downloads on Sidequest, ensuring that all installations are easily accessible from one location.
  • Open Source Android Gecko Webview: Our team has initiated the development of our own Android Gecko webview. Once completed, this open-source version will be integrated into the project, providing a transparent and optimized solution for Android login.
  • Emote Enhancements: Work is underway to make the B button trigger the emotes wheel HUD. This will be complemented by an avatar preview that visualizes selected emotes.
  • WalletConnect QR: Collaborated with the Decentraland team to rectify issues with the WalletConnect QR codes.


  • Optimized Gameplay: The impending release promises optimized graphics settings to mitigate stutter in Android builds on higher quality settings. There are also fixes in the pipeline addressing the avatar float issues witnessed by other players and extended timeouts for model loading.
  • Improved Keyboard Functionality: The next update is geared to have the keyboard pop up for any input field.
  • Contextual Tips: These will appear in the world space when the player’s raycast hovers over selectable objects.
  • New Features: The B button will soon open an emotes panel equipped with an avatar preview.


  • A prevailing issue with Android videos not loading still exists and is being addressed.
  • The challenge of integrating and ensuring compatibility with Decentraland core updates continues to demand attention.


  • Focus on getting Decentraland Quest uploaded on App Labs for heightened visibility and ease of downloading, eliminating the need for developer mode sideloading.
  • Continue with UI refinements, aiming for a user-centric VR experience.

We’re always enhancing our VR client, and our community’s feedback is crucial. If you haven’t yet, please join the Decentraland DAO Discord (Decentraland DAO) and partake in our discussions at the channel: #vr-client-decentraland. Your insights are integral to our growth and progress.