Golfcraft collaboration: Wearable & Golf club

Golfcraft collaboration: Wearable & Golf club

The collaboration involves the creation of wearables (1 at least) and a golf club combined in the same deal. So the deal is at least 1 wearable and 1 golf club design.

The supply of wearables is 90% for golfcraft (players) and 10% for the collaborator. Golfcraft would cover the 500 MANA submission fees.

The supply of exclusive golf clubs are 50% for golfcraft 50% for the collaborator team. We could request to lock sales in the first months to let us get funding to develop the game.

It’s ok to promote your own brand in the wearable/golf club. Everything is open to discussion.

Exclusive Golf club

Depending on the supply of the golf club, it will have a bonus (this bonus can also be achieved in free golf clubs):

20 10 10
50 5 5
200 x x

Disclaimer: the info here is orientative and open to discussion

How to submit collaboration proposals

Join our discord and show us your portfolio/proposal on #collaboration channel: