[DAO: QmNtbHc] Golfcraft wearables: first set

by 0x598f8af1565003ae7456dac280a18ee826df7a2c (pablo)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Golfcraft is a play to earn game in decentraland where players can already claim some baisc wearables.

More info about the game and link to decentraland world can be found on twitter acocunt: https://twitter.com/GolfcraftGame

We want to provide a new high quality wearables set for the players.

The costs involves the outsourced work to a professional, plus the submission fees to Decentraland platform.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Golfcraft game beta, with just 2 weeks alive already have a stable amount of players everyday. We are already providing some basic wearables but players would like to have more than what we are providing right now.


Outsourced work to professional 3D modeler plus decentraland wearables tool.


Pablo, Eibriel, Prashant.

Roadmap and milestones

As soon as the wearables are done, submitted and approced, they will be available in the game.

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