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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Golfcraft is a popular minigolf Play to Earn game in Decentraland.

We released an early open beta that everyone can play at the coordinates 47,-45.

To date we have 5000 monthly active users, maintaining a consistent position between the 5 most visited scenes in Decentraland. And recently we started to receive income from the in-game shop.

Since we allowed users to claim wearables using in-game points, more than 500 wearables were distributed!

Now that the core mechanics have proven to work we want to improve the experience to attract and retain even more users.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Play to Earn is a key element to onboard and retain new users to Decentraland.

With Golfcraft we are set to build one of the top P2E experiences in Decentraland, and creating a polished experience requires a vast amount of work and resources.

Minigolf has some core advantages, it’s easy to understand, and can be implemented in Decentraland keeping the game fair and difficult to bot.

But building this project is not an easy task, requiring game design, level design, UX, smart contract development, visual design (both 2D and 3D), system administration, security, community management, marketing, business infrastructure and more.

With this grant we will be able to focus on 3 key components of the game: visual quality, P2E economy and bug fixing.

  • To improve the visual quality we will be outsourcing the work to Polygonal Mind, the renowned studio behind Cryptoavatars, Megacube and countless amazing buildings around Decentraland.

  • We will expand the p2e economy by allowing players to craft their own golf courses, and obtain passive income from them.

  • And we will work on refactoring the code of the game to fix current bugs and prevent future ones.


We use Colyseus to run the game logic on an authoritative server, running the physics simulation and game logic. We currently have 2 servers to minimize latency, and we are planning to add more soon.

We have additional servers to keep track of player inventory and progress, and to process transactions for purchases and NFT distribution.

For the NFTs and the shop we use Polygon, to allow gas free transactions. Our players earn their first NFT ever spending $0.

And we use TheGraph to index and query the data generated by our smart contracts.


Our team has a long trajectory on decentraland since 2019, with different projects and awarded game-jams.

  • Eibriel: Founder developer
  • Pablo: Founder developer
  • Prashant: Level designer
  • Polygonal Mind: Outsourced work for 2D and 3D visual design

We are looking also for: marketing, business infrastructure, community manager and senior devs.

Works done by the current team (Eibriel, Prashant and Pablo):

  • 2019 GameJam 4th position Mana-fever (Pablo and Aeyon)
  • 2019 Prashant “Nirvana” scene
  • 2020 Pirate shower multiplayer game (Eibriel)
  • 2020 Christmas GameJam 1st position (Eibriel, Pablo and Chestnutbruze)
  • 2020 SammichGame multiplayer game (Pablo)
  • 2020 Voxters NFT community designed multiplayer pet system, with SDK library and Smart-Item.
  • 2020 DCLRenting.com (Pablo)
  • 2021 Compicactus NFT (Eibriel)
  • 2021 Atari GameJam 1st and 2nd position (Eibriel and Pablo)
  • 2021 Kingfisher development on Wonderzone (Pablo)
  • 2021 Nyan cat pet (Pablo)

Roadmap and milestones

Already done:

  • Playable prototype with server gameplay/physics
  • Allow to mint wearables with game virtual currency

2021 Q4:

  • Allow to mint golf clubs as NFT.
  • Provide Voxters NFT as reward on gameplay.
  • Host daily events.

2022 Q1

  • Improve/add new game mechanics. Add more courses on 5 different game modes.
  • Improve visual quality

2022 Q2 to Q3:

  • Golf course editor and P2E model around it.
  • Replayable gameplay.

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We are happy to present our roadmap for the next year including a level editor!

Take into account that even when the UI shows that we need 1,000,000 (at the moment of writting) we need in fact 4,000,000 VP to pass!

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Golfcraft game development (47,-45)

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